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Featured Artist: Sara James of Sara Norine

by EBlack on August 31, 2014

SJ-SN Self Portrait

Publisher’s Note: As many of you know, I am fortunate enough to get down to the Tampa, Florida area at least once a year where many of my wonderful fiber friends and artists work and live including the fantastic Sara James of Sara Norine.   Sara was born into a fiber art family, and has made a dual mark in fiber and photography. With her light textures and bright friendly colors, Sara’s work both behind the camera and with a wheel or a needle is remarkable.  This interview was not only fun, but truly inspiring. Sara is one great artist.    [click to continue…]


Online Spin Sessions Now Available!

August 27, 2014

For the past several months, we’ve been busy over at Fiberygoodness.com preparing to make online spin sessions available and this week, we are pleased to announce that ticket sales are open and the sessions start next month! Launching these sessions is a big milestone for me because one of my goals through my work here […]

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Battle of the Bobbins!!! Kelly Agrue of Felting Sunshine vs. Spin Artiste

August 24, 2014

Hey Everybody!!!  Yup, back this week with one of the most fun types of posts I get to write:  Battle of the Bobbins with one of my favorite people, the sweet and lovely, Kelly Agrue who produces beautiful work through her business Felting Sunshine.   We exchanged packages earlier this summer and now we are […]

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Spinning in Scandinavia with Silja Devine: Maihaugen Museum

August 17, 2014

Publisher’s Notes:  Hey, Arlene here!  Back from my little sabbatical…it was somewhat unintentional…I went on a vacation and thought I’d have more time/opportunity to blog…not so!  I blogged about the trip over at Fibery Goodness this morning.  I’m still digging out from the trip and getting back into the groove and luckily Silja had already […]

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Spinning in scandinavia with Silja Devine: Tour de Fleece – Go Team Norway! + Fiber Giveaway!!

July 26, 2014

 Summer is ruling Norway these days, in the eastern part of the country where I live we have really hot days with temperatures up to about 30 C/86 F +. To many that might not sound terribly warm, but for Norway it really is! And this in the middle of the Tour de Fleece! The […]

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Featured Artist: Amelie Blanchard of La Chevre D’oeuvre and Twist Fibre Festival

July 13, 2014
ABTF - Amelie at the Wheel, 2

Publisher’s Notes: This week’s Featured Artist is not only an artist in her own right, she is a fiber event organizer powerhouse! Amelie Blanchard is both a working shepherdess at La Chèvre d’oeuvre AND the creator and producer of the Twist Festival in Quebec, Canada. I was fortunate enough to meet Amelie in person a […]

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