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Oh, my gosh!  It has been awhile, hasn’t it?  Silja and I actually exchanged these packages way back last summer.  Silja got her package done right away while mine sat looking at me…I’ve talked about my process a lot of times, but I have to say it again, sometimes I just have to let things simmer and I did…for at least six months…BUT!  Finally, a plan was hatched and a week ago or so, my design was completed.  What was very interesting about this particular Battle of the Bobbins (BOB) was that our packages had a bit of overlap in the colorways — this is a first in BOB history!  So, I dub this the “Matchie Matchie Match”.  I’m going to give the post over to Silja now…


A while ago I signed up for a spinning battle with Arlene aka “Spin Artiste”. She does a thing called “Battle of the Bobbins” on the Spin Artiste blog where she and another person sends a surprise package containing a challenge…. and then you spin a yarn from the contents of the package. No other rules than that you have to use what the package includes, and you can add whatever you want to it.

THIS is what I got… now how in the world can you spin two placemats???

BOB - SD -1 -  Package from me [click to continue…]


Featured Artist: Stacey Budge Kamison of UrbanGypZ plus Giveaway

March 29, 2015
SBK - Self in sweater

Publisher’s Notes:  Stacey Budge Kamison of UrbanGypZ is one of the savviest, coolest fiber artists around.  Her fiber work is beautiful, her newsletters are fun and interesting and she’s a terrific cheerleader for others through her various online creativity inspiring offerings.  And, if all that is not enough to draw you into reading more about […]

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Crazy for Coils!

March 29, 2015

I am crazy for spinning coiled yarns!!!  I wrote a blog post about it that I hope you will enjoy over at www.fiberygoodness.com this week…here is the link.  Enjoy!

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Featured Artist: Laura Spinner of Rainbow Twist Handspun

March 16, 2015
LS - Self

Publishers Note:  I’m so happy this week to be featuring Laura Spinner of Rainbow Twist Handspun!  Laura is an extremely talented dyer and spinner and knitter and, all the while, she’s very low key about her talent.  Laura has been a fiber artist from adolescence, with a tremendous gift for producing fine fibers, and a unique eye […]

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Five Weeks and Counting…till the SWAY Guild Art Yarn Festival!

March 8, 2015
SWAY flyer for 2015

Winter!!!!  March!!!  Sheesh, we got a foot of snow Thursday.  Yet, another day of working at home which I like, but due to weather, I’ve been doing that due to ice and/or snow for eight weeks.  Meanwhile, time is passing and everyday is a day closer to my annual trip to Sarasota, Florida for the […]

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Spinning in Scandinavia with Silja Devine: Selbu Spinneri.

March 1, 2015

I first got to know about Selbu Spinneri, a small Norwegian mill located in Troenderlag, Norway a few years ago when I did a google search for small mills where I could get a couple of fleeces processed. A friend of mine and I drove the 9 hours to get there to deliver her fiber […]

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