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I’m FREE!!!!

by The SpinArtiste on May 12, 2016

The DoodlerSeven long months…it was Doodler (self-imposed) Jail.  I went over my knitting diary last night and I had forgotten about the RESTARTS of this…I actually had begun in October and then wasn’t happy with the knitting so there were two restarts in November.  And, then, there was the running out of yarn that happened twice and of course, some of the yarns were discontinued and a big internet search ensued to scramble for more yarn.

Someone asked this morning if it was a “fun knit” because they were thinking this has stash bust possibilities.  It absolutely could be a stash buster, but for me, this was not a fun knit.  It was the black wedges that really did me in.  I am not alone…I have had conversations with others who, like me, had to “brute force” their way through those wedges.  The wall hit around wedge 15.  Finally, I had a five hour plane ride so I sequestered myself with the Doodler and put my shoulder to the “wedge” wall.  The cable and the edging flowed along fairly easily.  I like doing i-cord bind offs so that was actually kind of fun.

And, now, yes, after so much complaining, I am free to choose a new project. 

But, you know, knitting is really some type of insanity because last night as the Doodler was drying, I was looking at it and thinking of different color combinations that I could try in a second one….

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Works in Process or is it Progress?

May 1, 2016

Yesterday I posted over at Fibery Goodness about the springing of spring all around me which included an open invitation to have lunch with Jan Massie and myself next weekend at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival — here is the link to the post.  This morning, someone said to me that it sounded like […]

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Bring on the Beautiful Colors…Including Spicy Mustard!?!

March 18, 2016
image from Fashion Snoops

I am totally ga ga over the Fall 2016 Pantone color report…I just published a blog post about it over at Fibery Goodness — here is the link.  In that blog post, I give an overview of the whole palette with some of my ideas about how I’m going to incorporate them into what I’m […]

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Returning to our Regularly Scheduled Program

February 7, 2016
KB - Animals - Kuzzy

After a long break (five months!), Featured Artist posts are returning!  They will be posted over at Fiberygoodness.com but I will be cross posting here and adding some additional, Spin Artiste-specific content so you will still get something extra here…:-) This time, I’ve interviewed Kyle Bowser of Palomino Farm who has a small farm, a […]

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Caught up in the Coloring Trend…and, other stuff that is going on

January 17, 2016
My drawing as interpreted by Suzy Brown, "Mr. Winkie Buttbutt"

Like a lot of other folks, I’m a little caught up in the coloring craze…what better way to pass the time if you can’t or don’t feel like spinning, knitting or crocheting?  Even better if the picture is something related to fiber!  This past week, over at Fibery Goodness, Suzy  Brown released a coloring book […]

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A Dream Come True

November 9, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I took the three hour trip up to the Bellefonte Art Museum in Bellefonte, PA to see the exhibit that I organized and curated for selected pieces from the Journey to the Golden Fleece.  I blogged about it over at Fibery Goodness where you can see the images from the […]

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