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Returning to our Regularly Scheduled Program

by The SpinArtiste on February 7, 2016

After a long break (five months!), Featured Artist posts are returning!  They will be posted over at Fiberygoodness.com but I will be cross posting here and adding some additional, Spin Artiste-specific content so you will still get something extra here…:-)

KB - Animals - KuzzyThis time, I’ve interviewed Kyle Bowser of Palomino Farm who has a small farm, a growing fibery business and…is still working full-time.  A lot of us can relate! 

It really is good to get back to doing these posts.  I plan on doing about a dozen of them this year.  I’ve had plenty of time to make up my wish list of folks and I’m excited to add to the roster that appears on the Feature page here.  I’m not sure what the exact count is now, but there are links there to over 100 artist interviews. 

I want to talk a little bit more about returning to doing these posts and why I like doing them so much.  It’s simple, these posts contribute to the narrative of our history as modern handspinners.  Some of the folks who have been profiled are no longer with us.  Some of the artists are no longer actively sharing their gifts with the world for other reasons.  And, in some cases, the interviews captured a moment in time with a new-ish artist whose gone on to do amazing things.  In all cases, we get a little glimpse into the way people are practicing fiber arts today.  This collection is certainly not the end and be all, but over time and little by little, it is building up to be something very unique.  And, thank you for being with me along the way.

All my fibery best, Arlene


Caught up in the Coloring Trend…and, other stuff that is going on

January 17, 2016
My drawing as interpreted by Suzy Brown, "Mr. Winkie Buttbutt"

Like a lot of other folks, I’m a little caught up in the coloring craze…what better way to pass the time if you can’t or don’t feel like spinning, knitting or crocheting?  Even better if the picture is something related to fiber!  This past week, over at Fibery Goodness, Suzy  Brown released a coloring book […]

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A Dream Come True

November 9, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I took the three hour trip up to the Bellefonte Art Museum in Bellefonte, PA to see the exhibit that I organized and curated for selected pieces from the Journey to the Golden Fleece.  I blogged about it over at Fibery Goodness where you can see the images from the […]

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Journey to the Golden Fleece Exhibition at the Bellefonte Art Museum opens this week!

September 27, 2015
Joelle McCarthy

Finally, finally, finally…I have been working on making this happen for a year…you can read about the show prep here.  I will be there next Sunday doing a meet and greet.  Please introduce yourself and say “Hi” if you come on Sunday!

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Painting with Color and Light

September 20, 2015

Hey there…just letting you know of a new cross post over at Fibery Goodness in which I share my experience of my recent field trip to see the Tiffany Glass exhibit at Winterthur museum.  Click here to read, and most importantly, see all about it! 

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Featured Artiste: Karen Pardee of Serendipity Saori Studio

August 22, 2015
KP - Self - kbp @ tea ceremony

Publisher’s Notes:  This Featured Artist post is near and dear to my heart for a number of reasons.  Karen Pardee of Serendipity Saori Studio is a fiber hero of mine AND she lives in a part of the United States that is both beautiful as well as an area where I have roots and am […]

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