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KirstiHermansenGrondahl Summer is ruling Norway these days, in the eastern part of the country where I live we have really hot days with temperatures up to about 30 C/86 F +. To many that might not sound terribly warm, but for Norway it really is! And this in the middle of the Tour de Fleece!

The Norwegians joined up in Team Norway over at Ravelry and is spinning through the heat. Spinning in special places and trying to get their daily spin in. [click to continue…]


Featured Artist: Amelie Blanchard of La Chevre D’oeuvre and Twist Fibre Festival

July 13, 2014
ABTF - Amelie at the Wheel, 2

Publisher’s Notes: This week’s Featured Artist is not only an artist in her own right, she is a fiber event organizer powerhouse! Amelie Blanchard is both a working shepherdess at La Chèvre d’oeuvre AND the creator and producer of the Twist Festival in Quebec, Canada. I was fortunate enough to meet Amelie in person a […]

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Featured Artist: Ilisha Helfman of Jazzknitter

June 29, 2014

Publisher’s Notes: Our featured artist this week is a talented fiber artist who has created her own method of knitting called “Jazzknitting” and has published a fabulous book on the subject!   Ilisha Helfma has been knitting for years and is a very innovative lady!

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Featured Artist: Candy Hargett of Calluna Farm Studios

June 22, 2014
CF - Self + Bill

Publisher’s Notes: This week we are featuring Candy Hargett and Bill Kimsey of Calluna Farm Studios, unapologetic “Boomers” who are actively creating the type of life for which many of us yearn. So, in a sense, this post feels like a bit of a “how to” which I think you will enjoy!

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Spinning in Scandinavia with Silja Devine: Handspun traditions by the Sami people

June 8, 2014

A tool that has fascinated me for a long time after I heard about it in a Norwegian spinning forum on Facebook is a ”Spinnekrok”. This is not a tool specific to Scandinavia, but has probably been used worldwide at some point. This tool is probably older than the drop spindle and is a very […]

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The 100th Featured Artist Interview: Arlene Thayer aka Spin Artiste plus Yarn Giveaway!

June 1, 2014
Me April 2014

Yup.  Made it to 100.  I could not have envisioned this when this blog started but here we are.  I guess it’s finally time to let my hair down and invite you into my own fiber world.  I didn’t really know how to get this started so I’m turning it over to the one and […]

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