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Dommerne Christel og Vithard + vert ChristinaYou all know who Vithard Willumsen is right? If not, you really should go back and read the inetrview Arlene did with him a while ago. Vithard is part of a very interesting tv-show in Denmark these days.  Tv-Syd has a reality show about knitting going! Yes you heard me right – Knitting!The show has contestants that get knitting challenges every week and in true realitymshow style, a person has to leave every week. The show is called ”Den store strikkedyst” (The big knitting challenge). Vithard’s co-judge is the famous Christel Seyfarth, who designs and knits the most amazing things and she is well known as a knitwear designer and host of Scandinavia’s biggest knitting festival in Fanoe. The show takes place at a danish castle called Grams Slot and is set for 12 episodes that air on Saturdays. On Fridays, the show is published online for us to get a sneak peak! During the episodes the best knitters for each task is saved and might be rewarded with an advantage in the next competition, but the knitters that execute the task poorly might get a punishment in the next competition. [click to continue…]

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Secret Stash Game, Round 7 — Player Identities and Readers’ Favorite!

December 3, 2014

Publisher’s Notes:  Thanks to everyone for chiming in and letting us know which were your favorite projects.     In case you missed it before, at left is the kit designed by Linda Kernstock of Sage Ridge Mill & Critters that our participants were supplied with which contained: 1 oz. raw suri locks in a light/medium […]

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Secret Stash Game 7: Projects Revealed!

November 23, 2014

Publisher’s Notes:  The big moment is finally here!!!  For the last six weeks, our players have been playing with the gorgeous fibers provided by Sage Ridge Mill and Critters to compose and complete a project for this post.  The kits included: 1 oz. raw suri locks in a light/medium fawn color and medium grade fiber […]

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Spinning in Scandinavia with Silja Devine: Norways endangered sheep breeds

November 17, 2014

Autumn days are shearing days many places in Norway. And that makes this a perfect time to tell you about some of the Norwegian sheepbreeds. Norway has several breeds of sheep:   Blesetsau, Dala sheep, Finnish landrase, Fuglestadbrogete sheep, Old Norwegian spelsau, Old Norwegian sheep, Grey Troendersheep, Merino, Norwegian White sheep, Norwegian Peltsheep, Oxford down, Rygja […]

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Featured Artist: Mary Egbert of Camaj Fiber Arts…and yes, Giveaway!

November 9, 2014
ME-CF Self at Show

Publisher’s Note:  Mary Egbert of Camaj Fiber Arts is a great mind whose approach to fiber art is dynamic, original, and frankly…inventive, yes, inventive! Mary has created a new silk product called Soffsilk ® that is rocking the fiber art world. With a deep love for color and texture, and a vision for innovation, Mary was a joy to interview […]

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Featured Artist: Debra A. Price Agrums Sposa of Artisun

November 2, 2014
DPAS- A Seniors

Publisher’s Note: This week’s post is a bit different…this week, we are celebrating an educator who is passionate and has dedicated her life to teaching and developing not only the next generation of fiber artists, but also the future leaders of our country so I have a special reverence for her and her work.  Debra A. Price Agrums Sposa, […]

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