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HM - Self with bird - henry kissesPublisher’s Notes:  This week I’m so pleased to feature Holly Madison of Blue Barn Fiber!  As you will soon learn, Holly is a true “fiberista”.  She and her husband took a chance on fiber as a business and have made a real go of it. I know you will enjoy spending some time reading and getting to know more about Holly.

Spin Artiste (SA):  Hello Holly, please tell us about your fiber journey.

HM:  I’ve been an artist my entire life, and I’ve explored just about every medium possible – traditional painting, digital painting (even book covers), pottery, sculpture, etc. My fiber journey actually started with woven wire jewelry, and it evolved from there. Once I realized that I could paint fiber just like a canvas, it exploded into what it now is. I lived on a ranch when I was younger, and I loved being surrounded by the animals. Finding a form of art that would give me an excuse to live like that again…. that’s the dream! [click to continue…]


Featured Artist: Lynn Gray Ross

June 21, 2015
LR - Self - April 2015

Publishers Notes:  This is the type of post that I really enjoy publishing.  There is something very satisfying to me when featuring an artist that has decades of experience and knowledge.  I feel like I could sit with Lynn Ross and listen to her talk for hours.  But, we are separated by many, many miles […]

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Featured Artist: Jillian Moreno

May 31, 2015
JM - Self - jillianspindlewarrior

Publisher’s Notes:  Jillian Moreno.  Yup, THE Jillian Moreno…the one you know from oh, so many places in her present and past:  Knitty…Big Girl Knits…Interweave…PLY magazine.  When it comes to “thought leadership” in the fiber community, it’s hard to think of someone more accomplished.  It is my great pleasure to feature Jillian this week, here at […]

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Featured Engineer: Lena Ekelund of Ekelund Carder

May 24, 2015

Publisher’s Notes:  Featured Engineer?  What the heck?  Read this post…and if you’ve been reading here for awhile, you have NEVER seen me write that.  But, I want you to read this post because this is not just about the making of and features of a drum carder.  This post will intrigue and make you smile.  […]

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2015 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival by Elysa Darling!

May 10, 2015
A Leicester Longwool Sheep

Publisher’s Notes:  I love having guest bloggers and this week we are lucky enough to have a lovely post from Elysa Darling of 222 Handspun Yarn sharing her perspective on the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival that was held last weekend.  I’m sure you will enjoy Elysa’s words and images!  Thanks so much, Elysa!! “I […]

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Featured Artist: Beth Smith, writer of The Spinner’s Book of Fleece

May 3, 2015
BSS - Self

Publisher’s Notes:  OK, I’m going to say it straight out and get this on the table — This is an interview that I am pretty “fan-girl” over.   Simply put, featuring Beth Smith , author of The Spinner’s Book of Fleece, here at Spin Artiste is a dream come true for me.  If you don’t know […]

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