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What’s Been Going On?

by The SpinArtiste on March 21, 2017

Oh, my gosh…what is been going on?  Where is Spin Artiste???  It’s been a bit of a ride in the last few months.  Of course, there were the holidays and it’s been busy season at work, and as you will see below, there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes!!!

Now, spring is almost upon us where I live and I’m bursting with all of this stored up creative energy.  So, I’ve been working on writing an online class at Fibery Goodness for my first love, sock knitting.  We are deep into production mode right now.  I have knit many, many pairs of socks and over the years have accumulated all kinds of little tricks and have thought a lot about how to explain sock construction in a way so that any knitter could easily make socks they love.

Socks I knit in preparation for the sock class -- photo credit goes to Debra Lambert

Socks I knit in preparation for the sock class — photo credit goes to Debra Lambert

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Dreaming in Technicolor

November 20, 2016

Someone pinch me!!!  I have to be dreaming.  I am officially the co-author of a printed book.  Yup, The Big Book of Fibery Rainbows written by Suzy Brown and myself was published a couple of days ago and it is still hard to believe.  I have always  been a great lover of books — almost […]

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Collection versus Hoard?

October 30, 2016

Hey There! I am knitting the Stephen West 2016 Mystery Knit Along right now.  This comes on the heels of recently knitting his Esjan pattern and prior to that, my second Old Forge blanket (over the summer…I knitted my first one last summer — why do I knit blankets in the summer???).  All of this […]

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Inspirations and Little Projects

August 5, 2016

Hello Fiber Friends! I have really been enjoying summer so far and hope you have too.  I have not been on my “big” vacation yet so I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden so beautifully tended to by my husband.  I’ve picked three of my favorite (so far) garden inspirations to share […]

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Recharging and Checking In

July 10, 2016
Old Forge 2

Oh, I have been recharging like crazy this summer which has meant being a bit quiet with my online activities.  I have sort of gotten caught up in living life, for sure! But, along the way, I did start another Old Forge blanket because there is nothing quite so fibery as knitting a blanket during […]

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I’m FREE!!!!

May 12, 2016
The Doodler

Seven long months…it was Doodler (self-imposed) Jail.  I went over my knitting diary last night and I had forgotten about the RESTARTS of this…I actually had begun in October and then wasn’t happy with the knitting so there were two restarts in November.  And, then, there was the running out of yarn that happened twice […]

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