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IMG_0986Publisher’s Notes:  Hey, Arlene here!  Back from my little sabbatical…it was somewhat unintentional…I went on a vacation and thought I’d have more time/opportunity to blog…not so!  I blogged about the trip over at Fibery Goodness this morning.  I’m still digging out from the trip and getting back into the groove and luckily Silja had already kindly drafted her post for August!  I know you will enjoy it. 

Also, we have a giveaway winner from Silja’s last post – Congrats to Wendy Anderson!  I will be in touch to coordinate getting you your wonderful prize.  Now, I will get out of the way and allow Silja to transport you…:-)


Every summer we spend a week up in the mountains of Norway enjoying the view, and just doing whatever we feel like taking a day at a time. One of my favorite places to visit when we are there is the Open Air museum at Maihaugen in Lillehammer (aka Lilyhammer). This is a museum that holds much of the norwegian craft tradition and especially the traditions from Gudbrandsdalen, the part of Norway where Lillehammer is located. Every time I visit Maihaugen I always look for old spinningwheels and old craftequipment and I photograph them. This time I did just that, but I kept in mind that I wanted to do an article about this wonderful magical place!This link guides you to a slideshow with commentarty telling you about the museum. And here you can see a map of the Open Air museum with all the building etc




I love walking around peeking into every house, seeing what it holds. It is just like taking a glance back in time. In the Parsonage there is woven and handpainted wallpaper, I cant even imagine how much work went into this, but I wish I had this in my house!!!

IMG_0962 IMG_0963 IMG_0966





This year there was a soldier exhibition documenting the Soldier clothing and weapoanry of Norway in 1814 when Norway got its own constitution.


I also saw some looms where they often wove a 2/2 twill pattern and a vadmal press where they fulled the woven fabric. Vadmal was often a coarse and dence fabric that was sewn into clothes that had to hold up in everyday use.


IMG_0991One place in the museum at the farm called Øygarden there is a house that shows the workplace of a wheelmaker, I really wish I could have walked into the house and looked at every single wheel in there!


IMG_0989IMG_0982In the in-house exhibitions there is also lots to look at, a wing is dedicated to the traditional craftsmanship in the Gudbrandsdalen area, this is really a magical place to og! Seeing all the ornate and well made thing they had in daily use way back in time!


This year there was also an exhibiton called ”A thousand threads – a story told in textiles”. This made my day! Looking at all the garments, seeing the craftsmanship that went into making them and beeing able to study them and get inspiration.


If you ever travel to Norway, and Lillehammer you have to take the time to visit Maihaugen! You will not regret it!



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