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August 2011

Featured Artist: Lisa Westra of Feederbrook Farm

August 24, 2011

Publisher’s Notes:  I am sure Lisa does not remember meeting me the first time, but I remember it clearly — it was at a harvest festival at a CSA farm two years ago.  Amongst the cheese and flower sellers, she was sitting in a pretty dress, quietly spinning with a basket full of yarn and […]

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Featured Artist: Karen Clothier of Inspiration by Karen

August 18, 2011

Publisher’s Notes: I have the privilege of being able to connect with a lot of fiber artists via this site and am often struck by how fortunate we are in the fiber community to be able to draw inspiration from the many ways people can express their artistry through fiber. Tonight, we are going to […]

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Featured Artist: Claudia Segal of Weavolution and Weave On Studio

August 11, 2011

Publisher’s Notes: As many of you know, I came to making and using hand spun fibers through knitting. My explorations into the world of weaving and its possibilities for using heavily textured yarns could be entitled, “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”.  And, it has been a worthy endeavor. In the recent giveaway on this […]

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Field Report: Spinning – From Traditional to Unbelievable at Haywood Community College

August 4, 2011

There’s no doubt that fiber arts are gaining in popularity. Knitting and crochet may be the “gateway drugs” to spinning, hand dyeing, felting, yarn bombing, and weaving. Fiber festivals are packed with enthusiastic attendees and it seems there is an alpaca farm within throwing distance anywhere you are. This summer, there was another sign as […]

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Special Sunday Night Edition: Outtakes

August 1, 2011

Hi Fiber Pals! It has been a weekend of mucho fibery goodness…yesterday I met with a friend who also has a fiber-related website and hung out in her studio and had a nice long fiber-filled chat…today I went and visited the farm where I’m leasing a sheep and then spent several hours with my spinning […]

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