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September 2011

Featured Artist: Tom Knisely of The Mannings

September 30, 2011

Publisher’s Notes:  As many of you know, it was a fateful visit to Picasso’s Moon Yarn Shop in Sarasota, Florida where I first fell in love with Debra Lambert’s beautiful hand spun yarn and decided on the spot to become a spinner.  If the first chapter of my story belongs to Debra, the second chapter […]

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Special Monday Edition: Blue Mountain Handcrafts Giveaway Winner!

September 26, 2011

Hello Fiber-Pals!  Sorry to be late with this post, but my internet was down yesterday…can you imagine?  No blogging, no facebook…In any event, all is better now.  And, we have a winner to announce!  The winner of the awesome bag made by Beth Lower of Blue Mountain Handcrafts is Melissa Lawson who reported in her […]

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Special Sunday Night Edition: Awesome Giveaway from Beth Lower of Blue Mountain Handcrafts

September 18, 2011

Man, what a weekend!!!  I finally got rolling on setting up my fiber studio.  It is so nice to have the drum carders in position and ready to go! As promised, this post is to roll out the Blue Mountain Handcrafts giveaway…drum roll please! The lucky winner will receive one of Beth’s terrific Caddy Saxs.  […]

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Featured Artist: Beth Lower of Blue Mountain Handcrafts

September 16, 2011

Publisher’s Notes:  Some of you may best know Beth Lower as the founder of the Fiber Indie eXperience.  It so happens that Beth is also a seriously talented fiber-ista and it’s been on my wish list for a long time to get her and her company, Blue Mountain Handcrafts on as a Featured Artist so it’s […]

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Featured Artist: Cotton Spinning with Joan Ruane

September 8, 2011

Publisher’s Notes:  One of my special fascinations as it comes to spinnng is the spinning of cotton. As a beginning spinner, it wasn’t long before I was exposed to the impression that spinning cotton is difficult and I quickly got into wool and some other animal fibers and lived there. Along the way, I was […]

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Special Sunday Night Edition: Calling all Knitters and Crocheters!

September 5, 2011

Our dear friend Streetcolor Art has been given the unique and awesome opportunity to yarn bomb the The Oakland Museum of California inside and out. The installation is scheduled for mid – October. In addition, Street is planning a yarn bombing gallery using the streets of the city as the installation space. This is a […]

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