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October 2011

Field Report: NY Sheep and Wool Festival, 2011 Scrapbook

October 26, 2011

Last weekend, as many of you know, was “Rhinebeck” and yours truly made the trek. What an adventure it was… My ride up on Friday was treacherous:  Lost in Allentown for almost an hour and a half, traffic jams due to several accidents, torrential rain and then, hail.  At least the flat tire on a […]

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Giveaway Update: We have a winner for the Mermaid Yarn!

October 24, 2011

We have a winner for Traci Bray’s  beautiful Mermaid yarn!! Congratulations to Linda Sulc who reported to us that a recent “fibery” weekend for her was “Hubby hunting over the weekend. Spent time cleaning & knitting (not at the same time) while listening to MY music really loud. Started Christmas gifts for the granddaughters and […]

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Featured Artist: Shannon Herrick of The Spun Monkey

October 20, 2011

Publisher’s Notes:   Each time I receive a fiber artist’s responses to my questions via email, I debate whether to look at them or to save the surprise of seeing what the artist has to say when it’s time to sit down and write the piece.  So, when I received Shannon Herrick’s responses, I gave right […]

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Special Sunday Night Edition: Super Giveaway from Traci Bray at Silver Wheel Yarn

October 17, 2011

Hey There, Fiber Pals.  Well, it was quite the weekend for yours truly in Rhinebeck, NY at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.  As I was driving home today, I was marveling at the picturesque scenery and thinking that it the setting perfectly captures the image of “beautiful countryside in Autumn”.  I did buy a […]

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Featured Artist: Traci Bray of Silver Wheel Yarn

October 13, 2011

Publisher’s Notes:  One of the things I try to do with the interviews on this site is provide a peek into the wide variety of the ways in which people practice fiber artistry.  For myself, I was initially very drawn (and still am) towards “art” yarns; however, as I’ve gotten deeper into the craft of […]

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Featured Artists: Lexi Boeger aka Pluckyfluff and The Giant Skein

October 6, 2011

Publisher’s Notes:  Here it is.  The double feature post I’ve been wanting to write for soooo long.  Tonight we have not just the one and only Lexi Boeger answering questions on teaching and learning, but we also have an audio tape of the rare interview I was granted by The Giant Skein when I was […]

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