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April 2012

Special Sunday Night Edition: Tailspun Boot Topper Techinque and JazzTurtle Creation Giveaway!!!

April 29, 2012

Hey Everybody!  Tonight’s special post is about a subject near and dear to my heart:  boot toppers.  I made up some boot toppers to show case the fantastic tailspun yarns of Esther Rodgers of JazzTurtle Creations.  A number of people have asked for the instructions on how to do it, so by popular demand, I’ve […]

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Featured Artist: Debra Lambert of Picasso’s Moon

April 25, 2012

Publisher’s Notes:  For a quite a few years I’ve been beating a hasty path to Sarasota, Florida right after the end of tax season (guess what I do when I’m not blogging!).  Was it fate that one day this crazy knitter would stumble into Debra Lambert’s cozy, creative haven known as Picasso’s Moon?  I think it […]

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Featured Artist: Christiane Knight of Three Ravens

April 12, 2012

Publisher’s Notes:  Through Spin Artiste, I’ve met quite a few fiber folks, but mostly only know them online and hope that one day we will have the chance to spend some time in person.  So, this week’s Featured Artist post is bit different for me because Christiane Knight of Three Ravens is one of my […]

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Special Sunday Night Edition: And, the winner is…

April 8, 2012

Hey, Everyone — Happy Easter and Happy Passover!  Just a quick post tonight to announce the winner of the last slot in the next round of the Secret Stash Game.  Thanks so everyone for their fun share free associating on the word “fuzz”.  There were some very funny responses…including the very first one, Ashley Martineau […]

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Free Association with Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms…and the Happy Birthday Spin Artiste Giveaway!

April 5, 2012

Publisher’s Notes:  In honor of Spin Artiste’s First Birthday, this week, we have are featuring the incredible Natalie Redding.  Many of you know that Natalie is the shepherdess at her own Namaste Farms, has a weekly radio program on Blogtalkradio, makes awesome instructional videos, and has a very active online presence via her Facebook page […]

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Special Sunday Night Edition: Giveaway Winner, Catching up with Manuela Brice, a Lexi Boeger Installation and more!

April 1, 2012

Hello Fiber Friends, you can see from tonight’s title that this is going to be a packed post so I’m going to dispense with chit chat about my own fiber endeavors of the weekend and get right into what needs to be reported on!  As promised, tonight we’re announcing the winner of the fabulous mini-workshop […]

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