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July 2012

Special Sunday Night Edition: Happy Fuzzy Yarn Giveaway Winner, Spin Quest Update, July Love, and more!

July 29, 2012

Greetings Fiber Friends! Hard to believe it is Sunday night already.  It has been another crazy busy weekend so blogging is the usual very early morning activity.  Yesterday we went out to the country to a massive community yard sale (150+ families).  I scored some great stuff for  upcoming fiber games and fun things for […]

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Featured Artist: Riin Gill of Happy Fuzzy Yarn

July 26, 2012

Publisher’s Notes:  Happy Fuzzy Yarn — doesn’t that make you feel good just reading those words?  I’m guessing it does.  I know it does for me.  And, this week’s featured artist is the fiber-ista who creates Happy Fuzzy Yarn.  Welcome to Spin Artiste, Riin Gill! Spin Artiste (SA): From looking at your work and reading […]

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Special Sunday Night Edition: Yarnival Scrapbook and Winner of Spinner Chick Doll!

July 22, 2012

Yarnival…So..Much…Fun… Honestly, I got a little distracted once things got going and didn’t complete some of my Spin Artiste reporting plans, but as you will see, I did capture some good stuff for you! This year the event held at Boeger Winery included a costume party with music, fine Boeger wines, and the opening of […]

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Featured Artist: Suzy Brown aka Wool Wench and Surprise Giveaway!

July 13, 2012

  Publisher’s Notes: If you’ve been following the artists in the Secret Stash Game this year, you’ve seen the incredible projects of Suzy Brown aka Wool Wench.  First there was the Jellyfish, then “Flying the Nest”, and this last time, “Spinner Chick”.  In each project, there are layers upon layers of technique, skill and artistry.  […]

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Special Sunday Night Edition: Reader’s Favorite from Secret Stash, Round 3, Artists’ Identities and more!

July 8, 2012

The readers have spoken…but the readers had a hard time choosing…we have a THREE way tie between Spinner Chick, the Marie Antoinette pillow and the Alternate Universe Spindle Bag!   Spinner Chick by Suzy Brown aka Wool Wench             Marie Antoinette by Ashley Martineau of Neauveau Fiber Arts     […]

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From Fiber to Couture with Nicole Constantin: Introduction

July 5, 2012

Publisher’s Notes:  Tonight we are rolling out the start of another piece of my big fiber-filled dream.  With this post, begins a series of posts by the amazing Nicole Constantin of Rose Nectar Fibre Couture focused on fashion and fiber arts.  Nicole, formally educated in fashion design, is taking her fiber artistry and career to incredible […]

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