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A Dream Come True

by The SpinArtiste on November 9, 2015

_SNJ0766A couple of weeks ago, I took the three hour trip up to the Bellefonte Art Museum in Bellefonte, PA to see the exhibit that I organized and curated for selected pieces from the Journey to the Golden Fleece.  I blogged about it over at Fibery Goodness where you can see the images from the show (click here to see the post).  I didn’t editorialize much in that post, because I wanted the focus to be on the show and the artist’s creations.  But, since I/we really have this blog to thank for the opportunity (the Executive Director of the museum found me through this blog), it seems fitting that I share some personal reflections here about the experience.

And, yet, I am rather at a loss of words. 

Was it a lot of hard work?  Yes, for me as well as the artists. 

Is it awesome to see all of our hard work come together like this?  Yes!!!! 

The back story though is that it took about a year of communication back and forth with the museum:  presenting the concept of the exhibition, writing the copy, gathering images, then gathering the projects and the artist statements, unpacking the pieces, packing the pieces, driving to the museum back and forth twice (with a third time still to come)…and then, in the middle of all of that was the struggles with my own piece:  two false starts and ripping out, starting the third time and instantly knowing what I was going to do and then being happy with what I had…until I saw the other pieces in personal and naturally, experiencing artistic insecurity.


And, all the while, deep down inside focusing on two compelling visions:  (1) how unusual it is that there would be a display of artistic expression all made from hand spun yarns; and (2) how wonderful it would be to bring these pieces together from all over the world (France, Norway, Scotland, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and of course, the United States).  In one fell swoop, our mission to connect hand spinners no matter their location, is being vividly and concretely expressed. 

_SNJ0754But, you know what means the most to me?  Honestly, the joy of the artists to have their pieces hanging in a museum is the most special, precious part for me.  To see that your efforts have made someone very happy…ah…yes, that is the real payoff!


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