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Can You Spin This? A detailed video from Christiane Knight of Threeravens Fiber Studio

by Xiane on May 22, 2013

opener spin this Hey there!  I’m Christiane Knight of Threeravens Fiber Studio! Arlene is away, so I’ve “stolen” the blog to talk a bit about my Can You Spin This yarn, and show you in detail how I make it happen. I say “stolen” because she actually did ask me to share this, but I like the fantasy that I sneaked in to slip this video in under a crack in the website door. *grin*

I cover a couple of techniques and ideas in this video, but the most important things I can offer you from this process is: take your time, and don’t be afraid to play! I had a few ideas about how the yarn was going to go, but really, I was letting things happen as the camera recorded. Learning to be relaxed and welcoming happy accidents have been where so many of my great spinning lessons originated. Have fun with this! Don’t be afraid to be weird!


If you have questions about the video or just want to know more about what I was thinking [or not thinking], please feel free to leave questions in the comments. I hope you enjoyed my experiment! MANY thanks to Arlene/Spin Artiste for allowing me to play in her sandbox!

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