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Can You Spin This? Cousin Khristina Surely Can!

by The SpinArtiste on January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!  What better way to kick off a brand new year than with a new, juicy, “Can You Spin This?” post? 

This time, my long lost cousin, Khristina Thayer of the Naked Ewe took the challenge…now it’s her turn to tell you all about it:

“When I got my package in the mail it contained a few ounces of roving, a pile of crinkly basket paper and a little sample of a boucle yarn. I had a photo of the original unveiling but the file was corrupted on my computer and by the time I realized it I was half way into my yarn : ( I do apologize for not having that photo but I was able to still photograph what was left separately, the roving I did get was a mix dye of red, green and blue and was spun on to the bobbin in a photo below so you get the idea.

CYST - KT - 1

CYST - KT - 2

I decided to create a bulky yarn, using the roving from the kit as a thin single and card fluffy rose alpaca as the bulky ply friend. I wanted to utilize the paper crinkles uniquely so I decided on creating a pod that I called my Pod Poi.

CYST - KT - 8

The first thing I did was spin the roving, I wanted to spin a thin single to ply with and use as the casing for my pod.  The idea was to have a single transition into a crochet pod filled with the paper that graduated down to the single.

CYST - KT - 3

Crocheting the pod was simple, freeformed the shape and kept the spacing even to ensure safe keeping of the paper and left enough yarn to spin back into the single.

I carded the alpaca on my Fricke, added the crinkled paper as well as the blue section from the roving included in the kit.

CYST - KT - 4

The boucle yarn was used in creating texture in the ply, I had to have my boyfriend peddle my treadles on my country spinner while I plied the yarn from one room to another. The pod was too large and the paper puffs I added were too puffy, the orifice was protesting. But I did accomplish what I imagined; in fact adding the carded alpaca was last minute design change.

CYST - KT - 5

CYST - KT - 6

I do wish I had the original unboxing photo but you can see every bit of the kit in there, like I said the only thing I added was the alpaca on the carder, and core for the yarn. I love the idea of this project, it kept me challenged and got me questioning what I could do next. Thank you Arlene for thinking of me when selecting this kit it was a fun spin cuz!”

CYST - KT - 7Thanks, Cuz!  Love it!!

But, wait!  There’s more…Khristina and I will be doing a Battle of The Bobbins sometime this spring so stay tuned for that!!

Let’s see…in other fibery news…we are getting ready to launch in a few weeks the next semester of the Journey to the Golden Fleece course over at www.fiberygoodness.com…if you want to join us, make sure you are signed up for the mailing list which you can do right on the landing page of the website. 

Lastly, I just updated the advertising kit for the site and have some nice specials for ad space this month.  If have a fiber business and are interested, drop me a line at thespinartiste@gmail.com. 

See you in a few days!  Arlene

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