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Can You Spin This? Naomi Ryono Shimmies Her Way to “Yes!”

by The SpinArtiste on September 29, 2013

This is a good one.  It all started with a Sunday drive to the country to go antiquing.  First stop was a junk shop.  In the display window was a mannequin with a chiffon belly dance costume.  I was scouting for “Can You Spin This?” items and inquired as to the price.  The rather untidy, toothless man behind the counter asked me in response if I was going to wear the outfit.  It was difficult to get the price because he was more focused on wanting to talk about my wearing the costume than my buying it.  But, in the end, I haggled successfully and the costume was included with a few other purchases. 

CYST - NR - 1When it came time to send a “Can You Spin This?” package to Naomi Ryono of Knotty Handspuns, I thought this treasure might be a good match for her.  Naomi is a lovely women and a really good sport, so off to California went the belly dance costume.  Now you get to see what became of it!  Take it away, Naomi!!

“I took the costume and immediately separated the sequins from the fabric…then sliced all the tulle into strips. CYST - NR - 2

For the longest time, I wasn’t sure what to do with the top/bodice and finally decided to make tassels and used a strip of sequins to decorate the tops of them.CYST - NR - 3


CYST - NR - 6

I used a batt and spun one single plain and spun the sequins into the other singles. strung up the pompoms, found a gold cord and a shiny black one, and held all these together to ply.

While plying, I added the tulle strips about every 2 inches apart since I had so many of them. CYST - NR - 8

The tulle wrapped around the yarn while spinning so I unwrapped them all while it was on the winder.  I went through a few movies while working on that part!

It ended up looking like a belly dancer kinda yarn or highly decorative lion’s mane  :-P”CYST - NR - 12

CYST - NR - 9

Isn’t this a fun yarn?  Love what she did!!  Thanks so much, Naomi.

Before I sign off, I have to share a couple of things with you about the weekend. 

Last night, around 6 PM, we were driving to dinner and traveling on a country road through cornfields when lo and behold, we past two little girls sitting in front of their home by a BIG cardboard sign that read, “Bracelets, 10 cents”.  We passed and then turned around.  I had two quarters in the car so I got out of the car and approached the girls who were about 5 and 7.  They were braiding lengths of brightly colored acrylic yarn into little bracelets.  Naturally, I had to give these budding fiber artists a boost and bought out their inventory.  As I left, the little one’s eyes were as big as saucers over the big sale and the older girl thanked me, invited me to come back and told me they were be there all day tomorrow as well.  So cute!  Here’s my haul:


This morning, I took a notion to fixing something that has been bothering me for awhile.  A couple of years ago, I knitted a ruana and at the time, I loved the yarn…now I look at it and I think, “what was I thinking?”  It just looks like pink camoflage to me now:

Pink Camo Shawl Before

I showed this to a couple of friends who independently said, “Dharma’s Teddy Bear Brown” is your answer.  The dye came this week and so this morning, out came the dye pots.  While I was at it, I threw in some fiber too.  The shawl is drying now.  I snapped a pic of the fiber and you can get a little peek of the garment too:

Teddy Bear Brown

I’m pretty sure that the dye job has breathed good, new life into this item.  It took a long time to knit so I’m glad to be excited about it again.

Hope you had a great and fiber filled weekend!!!  Best, Arlene


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