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Can You Spin This? Pam Blasko Shows us How! and Flying Goat Farm Giveaway Winner

by The SpinArtiste on July 21, 2013

Hello Dear Fiber Friends, it has been a busy, busy week but I could not let the week go by without reaching out to y’all.  I have a great Featured Artist post to share but it’s not quite ready so instead we are going to go with a little challenge fun. 

Before I went to Hawaii, one of the things on my mind was that I was going to send a Can You Spin This? package to a very dear fiber friend, Pam Blasko of Dream Come True Farm.  While on Maui, I found her items:Before

Now, you might be thinking, “Oh, fabric, that doesn’t seem like a big deal…”  Normally you would be correct.  However, the black and white fabric is kind of slippery/velvety and the pink is straight up spandex.  I was really interested to see how she handled the spandex!  I visited Pam last month so I was able to hand carry the challenge to her.  Here’s what Pam had to say:

The minute you walked in and handed me the fabric from Hawaii I thought this has got to represent Arlene’s engagement. So I thought about what I would do and this is the outcome. The yarn is called “The Engagement” My intension’s while preparing and spinning this yarn was for a lifetime of happiness, health, love and adventure for you and Damien.

I stripped the  black and white fabric and the pink to prepare it for spinning. I then core spun the black and white and spun the pink strips in leaving the ends poking out. When that was completed I added the sunglasses  by tying  them on with the spun in pink strips. I then when in search for a flower and found one that would represent Hawaii! Viola!
A Hawiian Lei! “The Engagement”






Awesome, Pam!  Thank you!!  Readers, we are so excited that Pam is coming to Spin Quest and will be both vending as well as doing some teaching…in fact, she’s going to share some of her fabric spinning techniques with us.  So exciting!  There is still space if you’d like to come have fun with us on Saturday, August 24th in Front Royal, Virginia. 
Our winner for the fabulous fiber giveaway from Lisa Check of Flying Goat Farm is Melisa Morrison!  Melisa, I will be in touch to get you your prize. 
I’m still recovering from my wedding yesterday (which included awesome goat milk soaps as favors made by the beautiful Pam Blasko herself) but I did spend a little time getting the new studio set up which is a really fun job!  Pics coming soon!!  See you back here in a few days…Best, Arlene


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