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Can You Spin This? “Yes, I can!” Says Gabi Tomas

by The SpinArtiste on June 20, 2013

Of all the things I do with Spin Artiste, “Can You Spin This?” is right up there as a favorite.  A lot of times I know the person who I’m sending the item to which seems to bring out my devilish side.  It is really a lot of fun to pair up the item(s) with the person and see what happens…For this post, we are featuring the work of our delightful friend, Gabi Tomas.  Gabi is the veteran of several Secret Stash rounds (#’s 2, 3, and 4) so she is well acquainted with getting mystery packages from yours truly.  Without further ado, take it away, Gabi!

“First I got that beautiful baby granddaughter and we were all drifting on a pink cloud. Then a few days later your parcel arrived, all pink – soft stretchy material and elastic checkquered ribbon. What a marvelous coincidence. This called for a baby yarn.

This is what I got:

CYST - GT - This is what I got

And this is how I did it:

I thought of how lovely babies need lovely clothes, and I cut cute little sweaters out of the stretchy material. The ribbon I was not so sure about until I saw my little inspiration wear a tiny skirt just like the ribbon, a strip of material with elastic on top – and there it was: skirts. I cut lengths of about 2,5 in from the ribbon and folded them.

A true little sweater pattern

A true little sweater pattern

A whole bunch of sweaters

A whole bunch of sweaters


Baby outfit

Baby outfit

I threaded some light grey yarn through the little sweaters and stitched the sides of the skirts, leaving long tails on both sides.

Digging into my stash of fluff I took the softest things I could find, lovely merino in white, shades of pink, rose and grey, tussah silk, soft white alpaca and silvery angelina and carded a pretty batt. I corespun this and added the little sweaters and skirts as I went.

The single corespun still on the bobbin

The single corespun still on the bobbin

Then I Andean plied and autowrapped with a soft pink sewing thread and a silver one, and there it was:

CYST - GT - Pic 1.jpg

CYST - GT - Pic2.jpg

CYST - GT - Pic 3.jpg

I am very happy with how this turned out. I love the soft hues but most of all I love the feel of it – soft but extremely textured, owing to the additions. This great memory yarn will never ever leave my house.

You might like to know that in our little local spinning group we shall do the same – at the next meeting we shall each bring something rare for another person to put into a yarn. Which reminds me – there is some pink material left……… ;0)

Thanks Arlene, for this challenge. I am glad to say I could spin this.”

Oh, Gabi, love, love, love!  Very original and great job on executing on your idea!!

I just sent some new Can You Spin This? packages out today.  Our brave recipients are Kate White, Khristina Thayer and Renee Smith…Pam Blasko received her last weekend when I was visiting.  So, stay tuned for some fun as we see what our courageous spinners make.  If you would like to play, just shoot me an email at thespinartiste@gmail.com and let me know to add you to the waiting list (current wait time is several months…further impacted by the fact that I’m getting MARRIED this summer..:-)).  There is no charge to play because I don’t want you to get mad at me when you see what you get!  The only thing I ask is that you do follow through and make the yarn because otherwise you are depriving someone else the change to participate. 

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