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Spinning in Scandinavia with Silja Devine: Maihaugen Museum

August 17, 2014

Publisher’s Notes:  Hey, Arlene here!  Back from my little sabbatical…it was somewhat unintentional…I went on a vacation and thought I’d have more time/opportunity to blog…not so!  I blogged about the trip over at Fibery Goodness this morning.  I’m still digging out from the trip and getting back into the groove and luckily Silja had already […]

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Spinning in scandinavia with Silja Devine: Tour de Fleece – Go Team Norway! + Fiber Giveaway!!

July 26, 2014

 Summer is ruling Norway these days, in the eastern part of the country where I live we have really hot days with temperatures up to about 30 C/86 F +. To many that might not sound terribly warm, but for Norway it really is! And this in the middle of the Tour de Fleece! The […]

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Spinning in Scandinavia Silja Devine – Featured artist: Birthe Pedersen of Garngalleriet

May 11, 2014

Birthe Pedersen is an amazing Danish fiberartist who is the owner of Garngalleriet. This woman can do anything when it comes to fiber! She has fantastic sense of color and her work with color in knitting and weaving is wonderful! Birthe also has one of the few fiberclubs in Scandinavia, and she dyes the most […]

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Spinning in Scandinavia with Silja Devine : Nostepinner and Spaelsau Fleece Giveaway!

April 21, 2014

One thing I really like to do when I am about to make something from my hand spun yarns, is to wind the yarn into a center pull ball using a nostepinne. When you spin yarns, you ”touch” the fiber, singles and plies several times during the process and after setting the twist in hand spuns […]

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March 1, 2014
SDTove Skolseg

Tove Skolseg, aka Bloggspinner, is the main reason I am spinning my own yarns.  When I first thought about learning to spin back in late 2007, I did a quick Google search for spinning in Norway and I found Tove’s blog www.bloggspinner.no . After seeing her wonderful artyarns I knew that I had to learn […]

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Spinning in Scandinavia with Silja Devine

January 26, 2014
SD-Silja Devine

Publisher’s Notes:  Some of my favorite posts over the past few years have been the posts that Woolwench, aka Suzy Brown, wrote covering the spinning scene in Europe.  Those posts are on hold at the moment as Suzy is pretty busy creating fibery goodness over at www.fiberygoodness.com.  Luckily, the very creative and talented Silja Devine […]

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