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From Fibre to Couture: How to Sketch for Fashion Design — The Basics

October 28, 2012

From Fibre to Couture:  How to Sketch for Fashion Design — The Basics (Starting with the Croquis) by Nicole Constantin of Rose Nectar Fibre Couture   For this segment of ‘From Fibre to Couture’ by: Nicole Constantin (Rose Nectar Fibre Couture) I would like to get into some practical design tools.  We discussed inspiration in […]

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Class Review: “Spindling – From Fluff to Stuff” with Drucilla Pettibone and August Love!

August 23, 2012

It’s safe to say that I’ve taken more than my fair share of fiber arts classes over the past six years.  It all started with learning to knit again (starting with socks!) and in short order, I wanted to make my own yarns.  A lot of people can sit down with a book, the materials, and the […]

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From Fibre to Couture: Inspiration, Part 1

August 16, 2012

From Fibre to Couture :  ‘Inspiration’, Part 1 by Nicole Constantin This installment of “From Fibre to Couture” is meant to be the first part of an on-going discussion about one of the most important aspects to creation…Inspiration. Please share by joining the conversation with comments and ideas, suggestions, practical advice, links, etc. With some work […]

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From Fiber to Couture with Nicole Constantin: Introduction

July 5, 2012

Publisher’s Notes:  Tonight we are rolling out the start of another piece of my big fiber-filled dream.  With this post, begins a series of posts by the amazing Nicole Constantin of Rose Nectar Fibre Couture focused on fashion and fiber arts.  Nicole, formally educated in fashion design, is taking her fiber artistry and career to incredible […]

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