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2015 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival by Elysa Darling!

May 10, 2015
A Leicester Longwool Sheep

Publisher’s Notes:  I love having guest bloggers and this week we are lucky enough to have a lovely post from Elysa Darling of 222 Handspun Yarn sharing her perspective on the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival that was held last weekend.  I’m sure you will enjoy Elysa’s words and images!  Thanks so much, Elysa!! “I […]

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Five Weeks and Counting…till the SWAY Guild Art Yarn Festival!

March 8, 2015
SWAY flyer for 2015

Winter!!!!  March!!!  Sheesh, we got a foot of snow Thursday.  Yet, another day of working at home which I like, but due to weather, I’ve been doing that due to ice and/or snow for eight weeks.  Meanwhile, time is passing and everyday is a day closer to my annual trip to Sarasota, Florida for the […]

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Marsala! X-Post from fiberygoodness.com

February 22, 2015
With past colors

Hey there and Happy Sunday!  I wrote a post over at www.fiberygoodness.com this week about the Pantone color of the year for 2015, Marsala and thought I’d go ahead and share it here too.  Click here for the link.  I have color on my mind this week because I made all my travel reservations for […]

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Featured Artist: Amelie Blanchard of La Chevre D’oeuvre and Twist Fibre Festival

July 13, 2014
ABTF - Amelie at the Wheel, 2

Publisher’s Notes: This week’s Featured Artist is not only an artist in her own right, she is a fiber event organizer powerhouse! Amelie Blanchard is both a working shepherdess at La Chèvre d’oeuvre AND the creator and producer of the Twist Festival in Quebec, Canada. I was fortunate enough to meet Amelie in person a […]

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Road Trippin’ & The 100th Interview…

April 27, 2014

For the past nine days, I’ve been experiencing a dream come true….Suzy Brown aka Wool Wench aka my partner in all things creative over at www.fiberygoodness.com has been with me as we have travelled to various locales on the East coast of the US.  It has been a whirlwind of fiber, fun and especially enjoying […]

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Catching up with Karen Simpson from the Southwest Art Yarn (SWAY) Guild

March 13, 2014

Spin Artiste (SA):   Tell us about what it was like starting the guild a few years ago…Why?  How? Karen Simpson (KS):  As a spinner and weaver of many years (like over 28), I was “talked into” an art yarn workshop at Picasso’s Moon Yarn Shop , local to me.  WELL, I now can call myself a […]

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