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Yarn Shops

Field Report: Weaving Week, Part 2

July 28, 2011

Good Evening and Hello to all my Fibery Friends! Tonight we wrap up what happened at the end of weaving week at The Mannings. As I mentioned last week, we (my significant other and myself) had to stay late on the third day of class to catch up so that all of our projects would […]

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Field Report: Weaving Week, Part 1

July 21, 2011

Greetings, Fiber Lovers!  This week I’m bringing you field reports from my week long weaving class at The Mannings Handweaving School and Supply Center in East Berlin, PA being taught by Handwoven Magazine’s Teacher of the Year, Tom Knisely.  And, how timely this report is given how many Spin Artiste readers recently mentioned as to […]

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Special Sunday Night Edition: The Mannings Annual Spinning Seminar and the F.I.X. Co-op Giveaway Winner!

June 12, 2011

Even though the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was just a month ago, it seems like a long time ago…such is the nature of passion — you can never get enough of what you love! I was supposed to be at Camp Pluckyfluff this weekend at Picasso’s Moon Yarn Shop , but demands from the […]

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Welcome to Spin Artiste!

April 3, 2011

Do you remember the first time you saw “art yarn”…beautifully carded fiber shot with sparkly and chunky elements, then spun into yarn bursting with energy and life? I do. I had been avidly knitting for a number of years — totally hooked: a pair of socks always on the needles, a class on a new […]

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