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Caught up in the Coloring Trend…and, other stuff that is going on

by The SpinArtiste on January 17, 2016

My drawing as interpreted by Suzy Brown, "Mr. Winkie Buttbutt"

My drawing as interpreted by Suzy Brown, “Mr. Winkie Buttbutt”

Like a lot of other folks, I’m a little caught up in the coloring craze…what better way to pass the time if you can’t or don’t feel like spinning, knitting or crocheting?  Even better if the picture is something related to fiber!  This past week, over at Fibery Goodness, Suzy  Brown released a coloring book with images for fiber artists and I got into the action myself by coming up with my own drawing…here’s a link to the sneak attack blog post I did which contains the link for a free download of the picture I drew….

Oh, and I also forget to tell you that the week before I wrote a post on dealing with clutter in your fiber world.  It is definitely that time of the year when I like to clean things out.

I did clean up the studio yesterday because it was warm enough to get out there.  It’s not often this time of the year when I can be in there for very long and I’m betting that will change soon.  So, I brought my smallest wheel into the house with a bit of fiber and I have a knitting project going.  There are quite a few weeks in the winter when I really have to think twice about getting out to the studio even to grab handfuls of fiber.  The ice and snow get quick thick and treacherous over the cobblestone walkway. 

I’m also busy getting all the of the Bellefonte Museum Projects back to their owners.  You can see the pics of the projects here.  I sent the international packages out yesterday…good thing too because the postal rates are going up today and my understand is by quite a bit.

I can’t believe January is already half over!  I hope your New Year is going well so far!!  All my fibery best, Arlene

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