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Class Review: “Spindling – From Fluff to Stuff” with Drucilla Pettibone and August Love!

by The SpinArtiste on August 23, 2012

It’s safe to say that I’ve taken more than my fair share of fiber arts classes over the past six years.  It all started with learning to knit again (starting with socks!) and in short order, I wanted to make my own yarns.  A lot of people can sit down with a book, the materials, and the equipment and make their way through it on their own.  Generally, I am not one of those people and classes suit me best.  I find it relaxing to set aside the time and immerse myself in the learning experience with a good teacher.  When Drucilla Pettibone of Petit Bones asked me if I would check out her Craftsy class, “Spindling — From Fluff to Stuff”, I immediately said yes because I knew I would pick up some new information and hoped that I would be a better spinner for the experience.

For those of you not familiar with Craftsy, I urge you to check it out.  Drucilla’s class isn’t my first Craftsy experience.  I’ve taken other online classes through the website and felt they all delivered a very good value.

Here’s a run down on what you will find with Drucilla’s spindling class:

o It’s a great class for the absolute novice spinner, but experienced spinners will find it enjoyable as well;

o The class includes an overview of tools & wools; basic spinning technique; plying on a drop spindle; finishing your hand spun yarn; alternate drafting methods; more advanced spinning techniques; spinning “art yarn” on a drop spindle; and using your yarns.  As you can see, the curriculum is complete in terms of what should be addressed — especially with the inclusion of what to do with your yarns;

o Drucilla explains everything clearly and thoroughly;

o The camera work is very good — you can easily see what Drucilla is doing;

o In addition, the online class experience allows you to easily repeat sections of the lessons so that you can re-watch and let the information really sink in;

o Students are encouraged to post comments and questions for the teacher to answer and all students can see the dialogue and glean additional information;

o Drucilla does a great job of covering the history and significance of spindling;

o There is an excellent section covering common problems people encounter when learning the drop spindle and how to overcome them;

o Where spinning specific terminology is used, Drucilla makes sure to stop and explain them;

o The class includes DIY approaches to making your own Lazy Kate and Niddy Noddy;

o The lessons on using a Navajo spindle to make “art yarn” were excellent and very inspiring — I’ve had my spindle for awhile and it’s been gathering dust — thanks to this class, I’m getting it out right away and going to try what I learned!

Drucilla has offered to Spin Artiste readers a special discount!  While this is a wonderful value at its regular price of $39.99, here’s your chance to take the class at a 50% discount!!! 

Click on the picture at left or here to take advantage of this generous offer.  Thank you, Drucilla!  Readers, this is well worth it. P.S. If you have any trouble with the links above, try pasting this into your browser:  http://www.craftsy.com/ext/spindling_discount5

Drucilla’s class is an August Love but I’ve got a couple of other things for you!  Click here to see.

Tomorrow I’m heading south for Spin Quest.  I cannot wait!!  I loved putting together the Quest kits that are made up of all the wonderful vendors fibers.  Even if you did not sign up to take part in the spinning circle, please stop by for the marketplace to see Three Ravens, Mada Vemi Alpacas, Unique Designs by Kathy, CompassioKnit, Camel Shoppe, Wild Hare Fiber Studio, and Avalong Springs!!!   And, please, please, please introduce yourself to me.  I’d love to meet you.  Until next time, all my fibery best, Arlene


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