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Dreaming in Technicolor

by The SpinArtiste on November 20, 2016

bigbookbannerSomeone pinch me!!!  I have to be dreaming.  I am officially the co-author of a printed book.  Yup, The Big Book of Fibery Rainbows written by Suzy
Brown and myself was published a couple of days ago and it is still hard to believe.  I have always  been a great lover of books — almost any book — and have spent hours browsing and hanging out in book stores and libraries.  I have a healthy sized personal library of books and call me old fashioned, but I prefer something with pages and a cover.  Seriously, I never thought I would be looking at a book cover with my name on it, so all of this is super thrilling.

We had an online launch party on Friday and talked a lot about how the project came to be and so forth — if you missed it, you can watch it “on demand” here:

I couldn’t get my broadcast controls to work, so I grabbed some hunting hat of my husband’s as my party hatAnd, if you catch the shot of me drinking something out of a can, it was a celebratory ROOT Beer…wink, wink.

If you missed the blog post at Fibery Goodness with the big announcement, you can find it here

rainbowmohair-1-of-1-4This book was a long time coming but so worth it.  And, I know this is the last thing Suzy wants to hear but, I’m already thinking about the next project…And, she has a right to give me the stink eye because with the exception of a few images, she took all the pictures.  And, to prepare for taking all of those pictures, the fiber had to be dyed, prepped and in some cases spun!  The book is nearly two hundred pages long and some of the pages have three to four images on them.  I have not counted them yet, but it is a LOT of images.

The book is the #1 in new releases in Fiber Arts and Textiles on Amazon.com right now.  Yup, I truly am dreaming in Technicolor.



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