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Featured Artist Updates: Kristine Haddock, Ashley Martineau, Karen Clothier, Amy Urato and Pluckyfluff

by The SpinArtiste on December 28, 2011

Publisher’s Notes:   I am writing this while on vacation and it’s a joy to do things at a more leisurely pace.  Of course, before I left, I made a list of things to do while away.  Unlike my usual lists, this list was filled with pleasurable tasks such as making samples for a friend who is preparing for Vogue Knitting Live in a few weeks, finishing up a sock that I swear will be done before 2012 and writing up a couple of special blog posts that I’ve been wanting to write — this post being one of those.

Recently, I checked back in with a couple of our previously featured artists to see what they’d been doing since their feature.   Let’s start with Kristine Haddock of Storybook Fibers!

Kristine Haddock:

I have the happy pleasure to report that I purchased an Aura Wheel not long after the Spin Artiste article ran.

I also had the privilege of purchasing some gorgeous locks to spin.



Have been continuing to design new yarns . . .   this one is black merino with eyelash and stranded sequins.



Recently I have been designing FairyTale Hand Spun Extreme Thick and Thin Yarns which are available in corresponding weights to wraps per inch (wpi).  Select yarns will also link to knittng patterns for baby photo prop hats at www.petalknits.etsy.com

The hat photo is one I knit inspired by the Flower Fairy Hat Pattern from Petal Knits.



I am currently in the process of providing production spinning for an affiliate yarn and design company.

Spinning angora from our bunnies Willie Lee and Ainsley.

Updating our new website with photos and products.

Continuing to ship hand spun worldwide . . .



And I recently had the pleasure of providing Storybook Sandwich Carded Pixie Batts for Jacey Boggs’ SAFF 2011 workshop through her sponsor a workshop program.

We are continuing to prepare for winter . . .and I finished all the acorn gathering I could do before we had our first snowfall of the season last week.


Kristine, thanks for checking back with us — it’s always fun to see what you’ve been up to!

Fiber Friends, I have a couple of other things to share with you — you might have already seen links for these elsewhere, but in case you haven’t, I’m putting them here, too. 

First up, Ashley Martineau of Neauveau Fiber Arts has a number of instructional videos that she’s produced over the fall.  Most recently, she posted the “Easy 1 Hour Knit Cowl” video.  Much thanks to Ashley for helping to answer the question so many spinners receive:  “What can I do with this yarn?”.  Links to many of Ashley’s video are available on the Learn page of this site as well as on Ashley’s terrific website

Moving right along, our friend, Karen Clothier produced an amazing piece of needlefelting this fall from some of the fiber she won from a Spin Artiste giveaway!


Amy Urato of Bohemia Fibers also checked back in and has this update for us:

“First I want to say how honored I was that you included me as one of your featured artists when Spin Artiste started. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and we’ve been incredibly blessed.

We’ve picked up some new wholesale accounts, and have watched our customer base grow by leaps and bounds and each month we’ve steadily surpassed the previous month in sales. To us that speaks volumes as the Summer months generally see lowered sales in the fiber industry.

We’ve been doing a Pirate Knit and Crochet ~ A ~ Long that we’re having so much fun with. Our customers are making some fantastic items from our themed kits, and each week or so we’re in a different “Port Of Call” and giving away some great fiber prizes while we all “go a pirating” in our current port.

In the early Fall I had the pleasure of collaborating with Noriko Ho, an upcoming designer on Ravelry, to commission hand dyed yarns for her first patterned kit.

We also were extremely excited to have our hand dyed yarns commissioned for a project for Vogue Knitting.

As we’re moving into the colder months, we’re seeing our customers requests move to yarns, it seems everyone wants to hunker in and knit or crochet.

Bohemia Fibers "Stonewashed" colorway for December 2011


This Winter season we’ll be focusing on some new yarn base, new colorways and some exciting kits that will perfect for gifting.”



And, last, but certainly not least…if you haven’t had a chance to catch the first episode of Lexi Boeger’s (aka Pluckyfluff) new series, “Yarntown”, do so.  This video gives you a great taste of what it is like to take a workshop from Lexi (highly recommended).  Lexi’s workshop calendar for 2012 is also out — click here to check it out. 

And, Lexi just opened up her brand new Etsy shop!  Also, Lexi just announced that this year’s Yarnival is all set for July 13th — 15th.  Click here and scroll down for the info on that.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  All my fibery best, Arlene




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