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Five Weeks and Counting…till the SWAY Guild Art Yarn Festival!

by The SpinArtiste on March 8, 2015

Winter!!!!  March!!!  Sheesh, we got a foot of snow Thursday.  Yet, another day of working at home which I like, but due to weather, I’ve been doing that due to ice and/or snow for eight weeks.  Meanwhile, time is passing and everyday is a day closer to my annual trip to Sarasota, Florida for the SWAY guild’s Art Yarn Festival.  This year, the festival is being held over April 24, 25, and 26.  I know a lot about the program this year because I’m actually part of the program.  Below is the spiffy flyer that Suzy Brown aka Wool Wench designed

SWAY flyer for 2015

We’ve designed the program to be for spinners of all levels and tastes.  We have some pretty cool surprises in store too.  There is a fantastic selection of vendors too — I know I’m looking forward to seeing what they are bringing this year. And of course, Sarasota has some of the prettiest beaches!!!  If you are on the fence, about coming, c’mon!!!

On a personal level, of course,  I am super excited that Suzy Brown is coming.  I am picking her up the week before we go to Florida and we are kicking off her trip with a couple of days at Virginia’s Schlomiti’s Yellow Farm near Albany, New York.  Suzy is holding a couple of workshops there too.  I think there might be a spot or two still available for the spinning day.  Click here for more info.

So, there is a lot of fibery fun in store in but a few weeks…as I look outside and see the snow and ice, I just have to keep my thoughts on what is in store soon! 

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