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Free Association with Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms…and the Happy Birthday Spin Artiste Giveaway!

by EBlack on April 5, 2012

Publisher’s Notes:  In honor of Spin Artiste’s First Birthday, this week, we have are featuring the incredible Natalie Redding.  Many of you know that Natalie is the shepherdess at her own Namaste Farms, has a weekly radio program on Blogtalkradio, makes awesome instructional videos, and has a very active online presence via her Facebook page and Ravelry group.  With all that going on, plus raising a family, Natalie still took the time to play a free association word game with me for this special post.  Below you will see a the list of words I gave to Natalie followed by the first words that popped into her mind.  I know this post will put a smile on your face!

Locks:   Teeswater (of course)
Orange:   County
Beer:    LOVE
Kids:    BAAAAAA
Love:  Husband
Poop:  My little dogs (lol); they never housebreak.
Jacey: Butterflies in my stomach; I admire her tremendously.
Rain:  Sad
Dippin’ Dots:  YUCK
Wheel:  Fortune


Fear:  ME…it is my core persona
Sunshine:  Temecula
Lexi:  Brilliance and Artistry; true genius.
“Art” yarn:  Lexi
Loom: Dedication

Faith:  MMM, this is tough, I didn’t really have it until I had social networking and my friends taught it to me through example.
50:  Ouch.
Work:  Constant.
Spring;  Lambs
Tattoo:  Dragon


Pie:  Cherry, LOVE and eat everyday.
Courage:  ME.
Yoga:  Draining and exhausting; exactly what I need.
New York:   Plaza Hotel.
Determination:   ME.

25:   The easiest dollar amount to sell something at. lol
Money:  Prada
Facebook:   My friends.
Breakfast:  Red Vines
Play:   Never

Lace:   Not me.
Education:  Self esteem.
Feathers:   Peacocks
Hoarders:   Fiber Artists
Turquoise:  LOVE

Cigars:   Monica Lewinski
Fur:    Cat
Sleep:   Waste
Meditation:   Uneasy
Travel:   Lovalee
Leather:   BOHO




Thanks so much, Natalie!  I have to admit there were some surprises in there!!  I know I’m speaking for everyone when I say thanks for the wonderful fiber you make available, the informative and interesting radio programs, and all of the hard work you put forth.  Readers, also, mark your calendars for Labor Day, 2013 because Natalie is hosting “Flock to Frock Learnfest” at Namaste Farms — Personally, I can’t wait!!

Having Natalie on this week is not the only special treat…because it’s a birthday, we have to have some kind of a present.  A lot of you know that the Secret Stash Game is limited to only twenty people at a time right now so it sells out very quickly.  The next round starting will be in about a month and as it stands today, there is only one spot left.  So, the Happy Birthday Giveaway is the last spot in this upcoming round.  To enter, please leave a comment below before this coming Sunday night, 4/8, at 5:00 PM.  Additional entries for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Just leave a comment letting me know that you did.  For your comment, you get to play the free association game, too — your word is:  Fuzz…

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