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Inspirations and Little Projects

by The SpinArtiste on August 5, 2016

Hello Fiber Friends!

I have really been enjoying summer so far and hope you have too.  I have not been on my “big” vacation yet so I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden so beautifully tended to by my husband.  I’ve picked three of my favorite (so far) garden inspirations to share with you:




As many of you know, Tour de Fleece just wrapped up recently and while I didn’t get a lot of spinning done, I do have a couple of things to show you for my efforts:

Green yarn

BFL braid "before" pic

BFL braid “before” pic

BFL braid "After" pic

BFL braid “After” pic

I’m still knitting away on my big round blanket (see the last post).  This past week, I switched off temporarily to whip up a couple of squares for a friend who is making a blanket for someone who is very ill at the moment:

For KK

Another project that I’m deep into right now is a bobbin challenge.  I’m just really getting started with it, but I posted a “brainstorming” post over at Fibery Goodness if you’d like to see.  Stay tuned for further developments on that.

I hope you are well and spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and felting up a storm!!!  Until next time, Arlene

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