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Note from the Publisher: Whether you are an aspiring spinner or an experienced fiber artist, there seems to be no end to the new things to learn or discover when it comes to fiber arts. My own journey has included a bit of everything: weekend workshops, one day classes, watching videos that I purchased or downloaded and reading from books. Therefore, what you will find on this page is information on a variety of resources. This page is a work in process so please email any recommendation for additions to this page to thespinartiste@gmail.com. Please be respectful of the intellectual property of the artists and do not republish these without permission of the artist. Thank you!

Online Mini Classes:
Special thanks to JazzTurtle Creations, Namaste Farms, Neauveau Fiber Arts, Pams Fiber at Dream Come True Farm and Wool Wench for allowing permission to link to their videos!

The Wool Wench Collection

Color Blending on a Hackle
Handpainting Wool Roving
Spinning a Thick & Thin Puff Yarn
Spinning a Bulky Single
Spinning a Yarn with Integrated Objects
Corespinning Cloud Coils
Spinning a Double Coiled Yarn with Silk Fiber Wrapping
Working with Silk Hankies
Chain/Navajo Plying
Warping a Rigid Heddle Loom

Preparing to Spin
Fleece On and Off the Animal (Namaste Farms)
How to Select Raw Fleece (JazzTurtle Creations for Spin Artiste)
Washing Wool and Mohair (Namaste Farms)
How to Wash Wool Fleece in Your Washing Machine (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
How to Wash Wool in a Washing Machine (updated!) (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Foldable Wool Drying Rack (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
How Wool Becomes Yarn (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Proper Sitting Positions (Namaste Farms)
How a Spinning Wheel Works (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Using a Pat Green Triple Picker and a Louet Drum Carder (Namaste Farms)
What Wheel Should I Buy (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
How to Card an Art Batt (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Carding a Jazzy Batt – Painting Layers (JazzTurtle Creations)

Spinning with a Spinning Wheel
Beginning Spinning Tips, Part 1 (Namaste Farms)
Beginning Spinning Tips, Part 2 (Namaste Farms)
How to Spin Roving Into Yarn (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
How To Spin a Batt Into Yarn (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
How to Spin Beads into Yarn (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Spinning Art Yarn (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Tailspinning (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
How to Tailspin Yarn (Namaste Farms)
Tailspinning, A Closer Look (Namaste Farms)
Tail Spinning, part 1 (Pams Fiber)
Tail Spinning, part 2 (Pams Fiber)
Tail Spinning, part 3 (Pams Fiber)
Coreless Corespinning and Thread Wrapping (JazzTurtle Creations)
Corespinning Demo, Part 1 — Prepping Materials including sequin strands (JazzTurtle Creations)
Corespinning Demo, Part 2 — Adding in Small, Dangly Ornaments (JazzTurtle Creations)
Corespinning Demo, Part 3 — Adding in Sequins (JazzTurtle Creations)
Corespinning Demo, Part 4 — Adding in Large Objects (JazzTurtle Creations)
Corespinning Demo, Part 5 — Ending your Corespun Yarn (JazzTurtle Creations)
How to Corespin Art Yarn (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Coreswap Yarn Spinning Technique (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Controlling Striping and Autowrapping Yarns (Namaste Farms)
How to Ply Yarn (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
How to Navajo Ply Yarn (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Yarntown – Epsiode 1:  Coilboil (Pluckyfluff)
Ainsley Daisy Yarn (Namaste Farms)
Feather Yarn (Namaste Farms)

Spinning with a Drop Spindle
Corespinning on a Drop Spindle (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
How to Spin Yarn on a Drop Spindle (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Spin Wool Locks on a Drop Spindle (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Drop Spindle Lesson (Pams Fiber)

How to Kettle Dye Wool on the Stove (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Non-Toxic Dyeing to Make a Fast and Chic Scarf, Part 1 (Namaste Farms)
Non-Toxic Dyeing to Make a Fast and Chic Scarf, Part 2 (Namaste Farms)
Dyeing Mohair, Part 1 (Namaste Farms)
Dyeing Mohair, Part 2 (Namaste Farms)

Recycling Old Yarn (Namaste Farms)
How to Wrap a Skein of Yarn (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Fringe Application (Namaste Farms)
Tailspun Yarn Boot Topper Fringe Technique (Spin Artiste)
How to Unravel a Sweater to Recycle Yarn (Neauveau Fiber Arts)

How to Make a Fiber Art Suncatcher (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
My Outdoor Summer Studio (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Weaving with Art Yarn (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Yarnival 2011 (Neaveau Fiber Arts)

Business Basics
Build Your Own Photography Lightbox for $37 (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Starting Your Online Business — Pricing and Sales Techniques (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Your Online Business — Sales and Marketing (Neauveau Fiber Arts)

Shops and studios offering classes on handspinning or working with fiber:

Studio Channel Island Art Center (Camarilla, Ca)
The Shepardess (San Diego, Ca)
Picasso’s Moon (Sarasota, Fla)
The Spinning Loft (Howell, MI)
Red Purl (Niles, MI)
Tool Wrenching Knitting Circle of the Twisted Sisters (Free Knitting lessons, Asbury Park, NJ)
The Mannings (East Berlin, Pa)
Knit or Dye (Brattleboro, Vt)

Outside the U.S.:
Ewe Give Me the Knits (Belgrave, AU)
Wooldancer (Blue Mountains, NSW, AU)

Festivals and Fairs by location

Complete Listing of Weaving & Spinning Guilds