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Hand spun yarn is beautiful and incomparable…and does require a bit of a different approach from commercial yarn when using it.

Consider this from Lexi Boeger aka Pluckyfluff:

“I think an important thing not to miss…is that this conversation started because knitters were having trouble getting (post-functionalist) yarn to work appropriately in their projects. I think the disagreement between people is coming from the question of: who’s responsibility is it to define what the yarn’s function is. Some believe the spinner should present their yarn and state what it was made to do (ie: a knitting yarn, a warp yarn, an art piece.).

I believe the onus is on the buyer to look at the yarn and be able to determine an appropriate project to use it for. This puts more work on the buyer, but ultimately it will make that person also more creative. They have to take the yarn into account, not just plug it in. They have to interact and react to the yarn as they use it. This should not be cause for dismay but rather a joyful, challenging experience that will make you a better creator.

This benefits everyone.

The craft as a whole will be better if more people lose their fear of stepping outside of the pattern. it’s not always easy to let go in this way. but once people realize that the scarf won’t burst into flames if you add a few stitches to make up for a thin part in the yarn, they will be empowered to become their own designer. not just a knitter/crocheter/etc.going through someone else’s steps.

– Lexi Boeger of Pluckyfluff”

Buy hand spun yarn and open yourself up to possibilities beyond using commercial patterns.  Below are a few links to projects that maybe more conceptual than your standard commercial patterns, but are geared towards using hand spun yarns.  Please be respectful of the intellectual property of the artists and do not republish these without permission of the artist.

Easy Handknit Cowl Pattern (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Easiest Handknit Fingerless Mitts (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Fast and Easy Knitting Technique (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Trellis Lace Shrug Pattern (Manuela Brice)
 Ukraina Child Socks Pattern (Kristine Haddock)
Vinespun Art Yarn Swag (Neauveau Fiber Arts)
Winter Art Yarn Wreath(Neauveau Fiber Arts)

Spin Artiste Exclusive Pattern(s):

JTC-boot-toopers-195x300TailspunFringedBootToppers (Note – check out video on the Learn page for the technique on how to apply the fringe)

For a wonderful selection of links to patterns that would work well with heavily textured hand spun yarns, please check out Christiane Knight’s of Three Ravens page — click here for the link.  JazzTurtle Creations also has a nice selection of pattern links — click here.