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On the Road and At Home with Suzy Brown aka Wool Wench

by The SpinArtiste on April 22, 2015

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since Suzy aka Woolwench was last here.  I’ve been looking forward to this for months and while we have the better part of a week left till she goes home, time is flying by.  We started out by taking a road trip up to the Virginia Schlomiti’s lovely Yellow Farm where Suzy was leading a fiber retreat on Saturday and Sunday on dyeing and spinning.  This gave me the opportunity to see a lot of my favorite fiber friends as well as hang out with Virginia’s cute lambs.

April 18 Lambs

I did a little spinning while we were there…photo courtesy of Suzy:

7 ply

We took a day to collect ourselves and get caught up on our sleep.  Then, yesterday, again, we were raring for action.  So, we took a short trip to Winterthur Museum and Gardens near my hometown (Wilmington, Delaware) to tour the house and gardens.  It was a gorgeous day for the excursion — you can read about Suzy’s  thoughts in this post she wrote for Fibery Goodness last night.  The daffodils and other flowers were very inspiring!  Photo also courtesy of Suzy.


We are getting ready for our big weekend at the SWAY Guild’s Art Yarn Festival in Sarasota, Florida this weekend.  And you know how it is when you are getting ready for a trip…you start to think maybe you just haven’t packed enough stuff…so, while we were driving yesterday and talking about the program, we began to feel like there might not be enough fiber!  So, we raced home after the tour and pulled out many pounds of washed fiber and roving and spent the whole evening dyeing in my kitchen.  I am not a night owl by any means of the imagination, but I did burn the midnight oil with Suzy last night up to my ears in all of this:

April 21 dyeing

And, now all of this wooly loveliness is drying.  Sarasota, here we come!


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