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Online Spin Sessions Now Available!

by The SpinArtiste on August 27, 2014

YarnsFor the past several months, we’ve been busy over at Fiberygoodness.com preparing to make online spin sessions available and this week, we are pleased to announce that ticket sales are open and the sessions start next month!

Launching these sessions is a big milestone for me because one of my goals through my work here and at fibergoodness.com is to increase the ability for hand spinners all over the world to connect more meaningfully while online. 

Spinning can be a wonderfully social activity but many of us spin in isolation for a variety of  reasons.  It’s been a burning desire of mine for quite awhile be part of providing an answer to spinners who wanted to spin with others without having to leave home.  I’m so pleased to say that the time has come over at www.fiberygoodness.com where we opened up the ticket sales this week for sessions we have scheduled during September and October.  

The sessions are conducted using Google Hangouts which allow us to have up to 10 people in each session.  This size group allows us to have sessions with a fun, friendly atmosphere in which there is plenty of space for everyone to chat, ask questions, and of course, show their stash!  

The themed sessions are led by Suzy Brown aka WoolWench and myself as well as the amazing Esther Rodgers of JazzTurtle Creations and the lovely Silja Devine of Kreativt surrhue whom you know here from her wonderful posts about fibery pursuits in her part of the world, Norway. 

The sessions run an hour and when you purchase a ticket, you get access to a user’s guide to assist you with accessing the sessions your first time.  It’s not hard, but it’s important to us that we give you the best user experience possible.

TMe April 2014he sessions are priced at a very affordable $5 per session!  So, come join us from the comfort of your home, no packing up of your wheel, and no having to drive anywhere.  I’m going to be hosting a couple of Wednesday nights where I will be talking about my approach to designing yarn.  This is exclusive content that I’ve not shared anywhere else so I’m super excited to host these sessions! Click here to get to more details on the dates, etc.  Looking forward to seeing you!


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