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What has all the mystery and suspense of your favorite reality television show combined with fiber, friends and phots? …THE SECRET STASH GAME!!!

The Secret Stash Game gives fiber artists chance to play, create and compete by supplying you with your Secret Stash Kit containing at least 4 oz. of assorted fibers with a varietyof add-ins.  All players gets similar ingredients in their kits.  Your mission is to use the fiber and add-ins to make any type of fiber art piece of your choosing.  Every element of the kit is to be incorporated into your piece and only elements of the kit are to be used.  Once the kits are mailed, players will be notified and will have four weeks to complete their piece.

Upon completion, each artist sends in images to Spin Artiste of their finished piece.  The images should be photographed against a white background.  The images will be included in a post on the website and the readers will select their favorite to be the winner of the game! 

The artists’ identities will be kept secret until after the favorite is selected, so please do not include an images that would reveal your identity.

Scholarship/Sponsorship Opportunities: 

If you would like to contribute fiber or any type of add-ins, please contact me (Arlene) at thespinartiste@gmail.com and we will work out what your contribution translates into in terms of how many times you play for free for what you send in to the Secret Stash.

Also, if you are a fiber producer, dyer, etc. and contribute, we will also include your marketing materials in the Secret Stash Kits with your fibers as well as publicize your sponsorship on the game-related posts.

Please refer to the FAQs page on Game Sponsorship for more detailed information. 

How to Enter: 

The number of participants is limited to the size of the Secret Stash at any given time.  

The current round of Secret Stash is sold out…subscribe to email updates so you don’t miss the next opportunity to join in!

Upon the completion of the round, all entries will be included in a special gallery page under the View tab of the website.

To see the details on the current round, please type “Secret Stash” in the search function on the Home page of the site and select the most recent post.

Alright…now, let the games begin and best of luck to all!

Ordering Information:

Secret Stash, Round #7, Fall 2014, Designed by Linda Kernstock of Sage Ridge Mill & Critters

Order based upon location