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Secret Stash Game Sponsorship FAQs

What is the Secret Stash Game?

The Secret Stash Game is a creative exercise where fiber artists each get a similar “stash” of materials and have approximately four weeks to produce a project.  The players submit images to be posted on spinartiste.com and the readers vote for their favorite.  All images are also posted on a stand alone gallery page under the “View” tab on the website.

How do I get to be a sponsor?

To inquire about becoming a sponsor, please send an email to thespinartiste@gmail.com including information on what you would like to contribute and we will work out the details (how much, timing, what you will be getting in exchange).

Note, that the interest in sponsorship is pretty high so if there are not available sponsorships spots in the upcoming round, you will be notified that you are on the waiting list.

What and how much can I contribute?

For each round, Spin Artiste accepts between five to seven sponsors depending upon what the “stash” concept is shaping up to be.  For a 20 person round where each player gets 4 oz. of fiber to work with, the stash has to be a combination of 80 oz. total of fiber/locks/roving/batts plus a couple of add-ins such as thread(s), beads, fabric, etc.  The minimum contribution is some portion of the total needed – for example, one pound of washed fiber, 8 oz. locks, or a cone of mohair, etc.

Conceptually, there are not limitations on what can be contributed – if you have a creative idea, let’s discuss it because one of the purposes of the game is to provide opportunities for artists to work outside of their normal space.

What do I get in exchange for sponsorship?

All sponsors get their business promoted in the posts and communication related to the round(s) in which their contributions are included.  Don’t forget to include plenty of business cards when sending in your contribution.

Sponsors are also eligible to play in at least one round and/or more depending upon the nature of the contribution.  As a base guideline, one pound of raw, washed fiber earns one round of play.

There are also website advertising opportunities available as well.

How are my contributions distributed?

Putting together the game kits for the players, is a lot like catering food!  It means working with supplying equal amounts of “ingredients” to a set number of people.   The kits have to be fairly similar to achieve the goal of many different artists interpreting the same concept.

Each round has a color and materials concept that is driven by the items in the stash inventory at any given time.  The goal will be to include your contribution in the next upcoming round, but if your contribution is clearly a better fit for a later round, your contribution will be saved for that later round.

At present, the rounds are planned to include distributing 20 kits, so if a sponsor sends in 14 of something in a variety of colors, because of the color variation and the quantity being less than the number of players, the maximum number of colors that fit the kit concept would be selected, the other colors would be saved for another time, and as much as possible of the selected items would be distributed to each player.  In order to do that, the product is not going to be received by the players in the original form the contributor supplied.  This is most likely to affect top, roving or batts.   If you are considering contributing products that might be affected in this way, please take this into consideration and discuss with me how the product is going to be distributed.  Alternatively, you may package your own item(s) for the number of players in the round.

How much time will I have to get together my contribution once I know I’m “in”?

The contributions are due approximately the week before a round is going to be announced.


If you have any other questions, please email them to thespinartiste@gmail.com

Thank you in advance for your generous support!!!