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Recharging and Checking In

by The SpinArtiste on July 10, 2016

Oh, I have been recharging like crazy this summer which has meant being a bit quiet with my online activities.  I have sort of gotten caught up in living life, for sure!

But, along the way, I did start another Old Forge blanket because there is nothing quite so fibery as knitting a blanket during the dog days of summer, right?

Old Forge 2I did get a blog post up over at Fibery Goodness…you should check it out — Featured Artist Interview with Bren Boone!!!  Here is the link.  Her yarns are are scrumptious — check it out below:

BB - HSY - White 2

Really delicious!

In a weird way, though this period of recharging is going to be really good for my fiber pursuits.  The first six months of this year where a wild ride — way too busy, burning the candle at both ends, all kinds of crazy things going on.  Just really no bandwidth for creativity.  So, in order to clear my head, I’m spending more time in nature, watching the sunset as often as possible, and catching up on my rest.  I’ve been devoting myself to things that will return me to the sweetness of life.  It is a blessing to be able to do so.

Until next time, Arlene


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