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Welcome to the Spin Artiste Shop portal!!

L&L - KitLimited copies of the Leather and Lace Challenge Yarn Collection Book are available.  This high quality, glossy volume measures 8 ” X 11″  containing 50 pages of stunning photographs of all the yarns with each artist’s statements and personal commentary by Arlene Ciroula.  Currently, the books in inventory are already signed by several of the artists including Lexi Boeger, Debra Lambert, Heather Lightbody, Dayna Mankowski and Esther Rodgers.  Please use the Paypal button below to order:




For “swag” and logo wear/items, click here to go to the Spin Artiste Cafe Press site.

For handmade wearables and other finds from my travels that will help me keep my studio under control, click here to go to the Spin Artiste Etsy Shop!