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Special Sunday Night Edition: Can You Spin This? And Niish Ka Giveaway Winner!

by The SpinArtiste on January 6, 2013

From the left: The Leather and Lace Challenge Yarn Collection, Christiane Knight, Arlene Ciroula, Melissa Yoder Ricks

Dear Fiber Friends, yesterday was a pretty exciting day for Spin Artiste!  I was at the Cloverhill Yarn Shop to see the Leather and Lace Challenge Yarn Collection and got to spin my afternoon away with Melissa Yoder Ricks of Wild Hare Fiber Studio and Christiane Knight of Three Ravens.  We had a great time chatting with the customers, spinning yarn and laughing.  It was great to see the yarns in person again.  This is the fourth stop on the tour.  It is hard to believe that we are more than half way along.  If you are in the Baltimore/DC area, check the yarns out in person!


About a month ago or so, I sent out several packages to some pretty adventurous spinners.  Each package contained a challenge item or two.  The question to each person:  “Can you spin this?”  The results will be rolling in over the course of January and then another batch of packages will go out.  I’m happy to show you the first results!  This entry is from Suzy Brown aka Wool Wench.  Her item was a special piece I’d been hoarding:  a rabbit fur boa.  I love what she did with it.  Here are some comments from Suzy:

“I kept it very very simple because those furry puffs were just too awesome to mess with.  I considered cutting them off and threading them and spinning with a pretty thread in between but it seemed too much contrast in thickness, so what I did was split it down the middle to get one long strand of fur puffs, then I used my spindle, because there was no way this was going to fit on a bobbin or go through the orifice of the Aura even.  I did think of bypassing that but… fiddly… it worked easy peasy on the spindle, only it got very heavy. I was turning the spindle in my right hand and holding the fur thread in my left, letting the corespun yarn pile up between the puffs. I was trying for a tigers tail look. The yarn is one I spun from a Black Sheep Farms batt that I won! It seemed really appropriate to put together these two ‘found’ kinds of items, and the cool colour combo really appealed to me.”

Love what she did, don’t you?  Suzy also has a great write up about this experience on her blog.  Click here to check it out.  Can’t wait to see what our other spinners come up with!  If you’d like to get involved in “Can You Spin This?”, please send an email in to be put on the list.

And, now, without further ado, onto the giveaway!  Niish Ka of Madame Dieu’s Bizarre has made this lovely piece for one lucky reader and our winner is Cher!  Cher, I will be in touch via email to get your wonderful prize to you!!

That’s all for right now…be back in a few days with some more fiber excitement for you!!!


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