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Special Sunday Night Edition: Can You Spin This? “Yes!” Says Monique Heuseveldt

by The SpinArtiste on January 13, 2013

Publisher’s Notes:  Tonight we have the next answer to the the question, “Can You Spin This?”  The item in question has a funny history.  I had forgotten where it came from when my significant other reminded me that it was in a bag of jewelry he gave me that used to belong to his ex-wife!  So, we have given this “treasure” a new life and I think you will agree that Monique did a fantastic job.

For starters, here it is in its original glory —


Next, in Monique’s own words:  “First I took a look at it for a while, and then I looked for fibers I had in those colors.”

“I took some camel silk blend, sari silk leftovers, some locks, some blue silk and blue merino, some silver polylux and made a nice structured batt.  I made a string with all the beads, bones and peaces of leather.”

“I picked a core thread, and started to corespin.”

“After I had the yarn, I navajo plied it. I didn’t use the big middle piece because I wanted to use that as a master piece on my finished item”

“I want to make a scarf or a hat. I haven’t decide yet.  I liked the item very much, and I like the yarn I made of it.  I liked the experience.   Thanks so much!”

Here’s a nice composite photo Monique sent, too:

Love it!  Monique, great job!!

Readers, I will be sending out five packages to folks on the sign up sheet frequently this year (once every 4 to 6 weeks).  If you want to get on the list, just shoot me an email at thespinartiste@gmail.com and you will be included in a future mailing. 

I can’t wait to see the next one — how about you? 

All my best, Arlene

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