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Special Sunday Night Edition: Post International Yarnbombing Day Thoughts by Streetcolor Art

by The SpinArtiste on June 19, 2011

Wow…it’s hard to believe that already a week has passed since last Saturday’s 1st International Yarnbombing Day!  In the wake of the event, yarn bomber and hand spinner, Streetcolor Art, shares her impressions of her experience along with some photos of her contribution to the day.

From Streetcolor Art:

1.  I am amazed  that one person thought this up and made it happen just using internet.   And it got a lot more people interested in yarnbombing.

2.  The small modest yarnbombs were very tender and affecting.

3.  The group excitement was palpable and supportive-it made people more ambitious.

4.  Big media is not keeping up with the internet on this.    The articles that have been coming out are pretty condescending and repetitive.  Although it’s nice they are noticing that something is happening.

5.  Installation art has been the trend in the “Fine Arts” world for several years.  I don’t know how much yarnbombers are thinking about what they are doing as installation art, but it is.  An art movement from the bottom up.

6.  I’m most excited by the big theatrical installations — very powerful — have you seen Suzanne Tidwell ? (see Suzanne Tidwell’s work here)

So you know I knit a Bart seat cover — I plan to do some more with it — some filming and just riding around.  The handspun is very deluxe!  Yours,  Street

Thanks, Street! Love, love, love the seat cover!! Click here to hop over to Streetcolor Art’s blog to read more about the installation of this wonderful piece.

I hope everyone had some fibery goodness in their lives this past weekend.  As for me, I’m working on de-stashing right now and knit up a beautiful combination cowl/capelet in 50% alpaca, 50% wool.  I also spent some time with my Spinolution Queen Bee Travel wheel and watched a little more of Rita Buchanan’s terrific “How I Spin” DVD.  Now, I have the pleasure of picking out the next project to further stash reduction.  See you back here mid-week for our next Featured Artist piece!

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