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Special Sunday Night Edition: The Mannings Annual Spinning Seminar and the F.I.X. Co-op Giveaway Winner!

by The SpinArtiste on June 12, 2011

Even though the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was just a month ago, it seems like a long time ago…such is the nature of passion — you can never get enough of what you love! I was supposed to be at Camp Pluckyfluff this weekend at Picasso’s Moon Yarn Shop , but demands from the business world played a trump card and I found myself in town yesterday. However, there was a very bright side to that change of events: I got to attend one of my favorite local events — The Annual Spinning Seminar at The Mannings in East Berlin, PA. So, tonight, I have a few pics to show you from the event. Also, before we end tonight’s post, the winner of the F.I.X. Co-op will be announced!

The first order of business at the Spinning Seminar was to tour the demonstrations being held outside. I’m getting ready to take some classes in natural dyeing so I was excited to stop by the booth for Pinxterbloom Farm to see the indigo dyeing and Angora Goats.   The photo on the left shows the different shades made using indigo leaves.

The photo on the right shows a mitten made from fiber dyed with indigo — makes me want to knit these little beauties even though the temperature was in the 90’s yesterday!

My next stop was to see the flax preparation and spinning which always amazes me. I am fascinated that such beautiful fabric can be made by what looks like a pile of hay to me!

Before I tried spinning flax myself, I admit to being totally mystified at how the thin strands of plant fiber could transform into a yarn. It was like seeing a magic trick and not knowing how it works…I know how it works now but still find it magical.

An added treat was the inclusion of a demonstration of Red Dyeing with Natural Dyes since we have madder growing in the garden this year.

Something new for me was seeing a demonstration of a Pendulum Wheel (sorry for the bluriness of the first picture).
This wheel which is somewhat like a Great or Walking Wheel was considered an improvement in spinning wheel technology because the spinner could sit while spinning. The patent was filed in 1857 and the wheels were mainly manufactured in Wisconsin during the Civil War.

Now, I’ve saved the best for last! The wonderful Sally Jenkins was back again this year to demonstrate both wool combing and hand carding. It was a good opportunity for me to say, “Hi”, ask her to do a Spin Artiste interview and talk to her about getting involved in the spinner certification offered by the guild we both belong to and which Sally chaired for the past ten years!

I did make one little yarn purchase there, too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help myself and added to my sock yarn stash…but you can see it’s a beautiful flat panel and didn’t I NEED socks in this combination of colors???

Now…onto the winner of the F.I.X. Co-op Giveaway…I have to say the answers about how intense fiber addiction can become gave me comfort! In so many ways, I’m not alone…:-) By virtue of the random number generator, our winner is Nancy! Nancy revealed to us that “You know your fiber addiction is bad when your husband tells you ‘Maybe we should have bought a bigger house!'” What a smart man Nancy’s husband is!! I will be getting in touch and Nancy’s prize will be on its way.

In addition to the spinning seminar, I also finished knitting a shawl that had been hanging around since the beginning of the year (so much for wearing it on Valentine’s Day) and washed some locks. So, it was a pretty good weekend as far as I am concerned. That’s all the fibery goodness I have for you tonight. We’ll catch up again later this week with a new Featured Artist piece just in time for next weekend!

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