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Special Sunday Night Edition: Ukraina Socks Pattern from Storybook Fibers

by The SpinArtiste on April 24, 2011

As promised in the last post featuring Kristine Haddock of Storybook Fibers, tonight Spin Artiste is pleased to share Kristine’s Ukraina child sock pattern as a free download to Spinartiste.com readers!

This pattern features Storybook Fibers Ukraina yarn available through her Etsy Store as well as her beautiful needles and stitchmarkers:

I share Kristine’s philosophy on knitting socks:  “If you know how to knit and pick up stitches, you should end up with a sock. ”  Kristine has translated her philosophy to a pattern that is not just a pattern, but step by step directions and explanations.  Even if you are an experienced sock knitter, you will want to take a peek at the tricks she’s included to help avoid the holes at the heel gusset!

Link for Download: StoryBook_HandKnit_Ukraina Childs_Sock.pdf

To print into a booklet with an illustrated cover on card stock (Illustrated cover + 15 pages = 16 pages total):
1) Load printer with one page cardstock and select print page one only
2) After that has printed load printer with regular paper and select pages ‘ 2-16’

To Assemble:
1) Combine into a booklet with illustrated cardstock for front and a blank page of cardstock for back.
2) Three hole punch and thread yarn or ribbon thru holes tying into knots leaving enough slack to open booklet flat.
3) Omit hole punch and have bound with spiral binding

If you make the socks, please send a pic to thespinartiste@gmail.com. Enjoy!

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