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Spin Quest 2013 Wrap Up!

by The SpinArtiste on September 13, 2013

Wow!  It is hard to believe we are already into September and the summer has once again slipped away.  With Spin Quest planned for the end of August, we didn’t let the summer end without a big spinning bang!!

SQ 13 - Vendor Area 3Like last year, the vendor line up was great in included:

Wild Hare Fiber Studio
Dream Come True Farm
Avalon Springs Farm
Gourmet Stash
Unique Designs by Kathy
Grindstone Ridge Farm
Flying Goat Farm
No. 222 Hand Spun Yarn and Fibers
Three Ravens Fiber Studio


SQ 13 - Group workingAnd we had a houseful of talented, enthusiastic participants including a group of beginning spinners that got plenty of one on one time with Christiane Knight of Three Ravens Fiber Studio.  Melissa Yoder Ricks of Wild Hare Fiber Studio and Christiane Knight conducted several teaching demos throughout the day with special presentations from Pam Blasko of Dream Come True Farm and Karen Schlossberg of Avalon Springs Farm.  As for me, I led a special challenge activity.

One of the ways Spin Quest is different is that in lieu of having the vendors pay cash for their space, we have them pay with fiber which we then use to make up kits for each of the participants.  This gives the participants a chance to sample the fibers of each vendor.  The vendors and participants get to connect with each other in a more low key, less rushed environment which is nice all the way around. 

So, knowing that there would be a fun, colorful assortment of kits for the attendees to select from, I printed out a large collection of images.  Each participant was provided with a choice of two images and challenged to make their own interpretation of the image in a yarn during the course of the day.  They could use any fibers of their choosing — their kit, stuff from their stash or something bought from the vendors.  What happened was really pretty amazing.  I knew the yarns would be good but I had no idea they would be as good as they were.  Here are some of the shots from the day:

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 3

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 4

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 5

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 6

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 8

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 9

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 10

SQ 13 - Pic yarn 11

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 13

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 14


SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 15SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 16

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 17

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 18

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 19

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn 20

SQ 13 - Pic yarn1
SQ 13 - Pic yarn2

SQ 13 - Pic Yarn PB

As you can see, the spinners really knocked it out of the park!!!  Here’s my little offering on and then off the wheel in its final 9 ply form with its picture:

SQ 13 - ART yarn on wheel

SQ 13 - ART yarn

I have secret plans for this yarn that I can’t tell you about yet…

The spinning and learning part is fun, but for me the best part is spending time with old and new friends.  It meant so much to have folks with us this year from Connecticut and New Jersey as well as our more local folks from Virginia and Maryland.  This is growing into a very nice event and we look forward to next year!  If you want to be able to get updates for 2014, you can either join the Facebook group or just send in an email to thespinartiste@gmail.com.  Hope to see you there next year!!

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