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Spinning in Scandinavia with Silja Devine: Den Store Strikkedyst!

by SiljaD on December 7, 2014

Dommerne Christel og Vithard + vert ChristinaYou all know who Vithard Willumsen is right? If not, you really should go back and read the inetrview Arlene did with him a while ago. Vithard is part of a very interesting tv-show in Denmark these days.  Tv-Syd has a reality show about knitting going! Yes you heard me right – Knitting!The show has contestants that get knitting challenges every week and in true realitymshow style, a person has to leave every week. The show is called ”Den store strikkedyst” (The big knitting challenge). Vithard’s co-judge is the famous Christel Seyfarth, who designs and knits the most amazing things and she is well known as a knitwear designer and host of Scandinavia’s biggest knitting festival in Fanoe. The show takes place at a danish castle called Grams Slot and is set for 12 episodes that air on Saturdays. On Fridays, the show is published online for us to get a sneak peak! During the episodes the best knitters for each task is saved and might be rewarded with an advantage in the next competition, but the knitters that execute the task poorly might get a punishment in the next competition.

Paa vej til dystThe first episode was aired September 14th and during the first two shows 16 knitters aged 28-73 from South Jylland competed for the 8 finale places.   8 knitters become 4 in each of these first two epsiodes.

The first two tasks the knitters get will decide which will continue in the challenge. The first task they get is a techinical challenge:   knitting a baby sock in 2 hours. They get to choose the yarn themselves, but they have to use 2,5-3 med needles and a solid color yarn. The second challenge they get is a creative one, they are to tell ”their own story” in a scarf or shawl.

TOTAL STRIKIn the third episode the knitters were to knit a coffee pot warmer and they really got to showoff their creativity! The second challenge was to knit a labrador, this resulted in llamas, seals and dinosaurs and alot of laughter! This episode was the one where my two favorite knitters really stood out  in my opinion! No one was voted off in this episode because they all had struggles so much with the labrador.

Nae strik (Marie)In the fourth episode the first challenge they got was ”speed knitting”, some knitters are very fast and others struggle a bit more! The second challenge was a re-design challenge where they get to pick a secondhand sweater and re-do it with some knitting of their own. This challenge comes out with a wool-bathing suit, some trousers, a needlecase and a poncho amongst other things. One person got voted off by the judges and had to pack their needles and leave the castle.

Ulla og Jane syr på MesseIn the fifth episode the challenge was to knit wristers and let their own creativity design and decorate their product. The second challenge is arm knitting and the contestants produced ponchos and cowls. No one was voted off after these two challenges, but one person got a time punishment for their next challenge they got.

Irene viser strik for messedeltagereSaturday the 23rd of October there was a live broadcast where the knitters were part of Danish TV2 s fundraiser called ”break cancer”. They auctioned off 7 butterflyties, 7 lampshades, 3 dresses  and a bathing suit that together gathered 10.000 dk (almost 1700 usd) for the cause! The contestants also were part of a big craftshow in Fredericia in the following days after the live event.

In episode 6, the contestans got the challenge to knit a creative Butterfly tie, and they all made really good ones! The second challenge they got was to knit a lampshade that represented a special moment in their life. Some kept it simple, and some went crazy with their lampshades! One person was voted off in this episode.

In episode 7 the knitters started with a technical challenge, knitting lace from a chart in white silk yarn. Some of the knitters are very good technically and some has very little experience with both lace and charts. The second challenge was to knit a white project that included the lace piece. The projects that were made were very artistic and lots of fun! 3 bags, 2 hats and a shawlette!  No one was voted off this time, but the best knitters got an advantage in the next challenge.

In episode 8 the knitters started out with a 1 hour challenge, they were presented with a made-up word and had to transform that into a finished piece. Their creativity and techniques really had to step up in this task. The person that made the best piece was saved from being eliminated in this episode. The second challenge was to knit a picture from a child’s drawing. This is the episode that really shows how awesome and helpful knitters really are! One of the knitters struggled a bit at the end, and all of the others was very helpful to make sure the knitter also got their piece done before time was up! One knitters was voted off in this episode

The 9th episode was filled with emotions! The knitters got their first task that was knitting a headband that symbolizes a hard time in their life. This was very emotional for me to watch too.   I love hearing others “tell” their story, and these knitters really are amazing people! The winner of this task got the advantage to get 5 minutes with the judges for inspiration and guidance in the second challenge. The second challenge was to make a “new” garment from a plain white t-shirt. This challenge was really fun to watch! Every single one had their own approach and ideas that really stood out! After this challenge one knitter had to leave.

This show is fun to watch even if you don’t understand danish! The craft of knitting and the feelings of the competition will tell you all you need to understand!

Annette og Messedeltagere snakker strik

All pictures in this post is copyrighted Tv-Syd and is used with permission from their reporter Charlotte Solvsteen.

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