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Spinning in Scandinavia with Silja Devine: Featured Artist “Ullhuldra”

by SiljaD on September 28, 2014

Kaunisett.Nina Marion Fevang aka “Ullhuldra” is a norwegian felt-artist. She is usually seen wearing bright vivid colors and she always does amazing work with yarn, needles or hook and with felting wool and other materials. She is a down to earth kind of person, with a good eye for design, texture and color. I have known Nina for several years online, but we have never met in person unfortunately. During the last few years I have admired her work with felting, and I recently bought a lovely hand felted shawl with wool and silk felted onto gauze-fabric. . Nina has a Facebook page, is on pinterest and she has a blog that is updated on occasion. One thing I really like about Nina is her incredible love for Volkswagen buses! petrol

Silja: I’ve known you online for a few years now, and we got to know each other on a Norwegian craft forum related to knitting and crocheting. Tell me how you started knitting and what drives you to continue with your crafts?

Nina: I started with crafts when I was 10-11 years. I knitted my first sweater when I was that age, and I still have it. I love to create things with my hands, and just the feeling of yarn and wool between your hands is very special. I am fascinated by what you can achieve with it, and making something yourself is therapy for the soul.

lilla kjoleSilja: When you start with felting and what was it that inspired you to start it?

Nina: I started with felting over 10 years ago – and it was in an artisan book I first saw it and wanted to try it for myself. It was so fun that I continued doing it, and now it’s become a passion.

Silja: Something that represents you is that you’re not afraid to use a lot of color in what you create, how do you go about putting together the colors of the items you make?

grontNina: I love colors, they make me happy! It is important to me that the colors harmonize, and I feel it in my whole body if some colors do not go together – When that happens I can’t create anything. The project stops and I need to replace the things that seem out of place – it is something I just do without giving it much thought. When I make something it must give me a good feeling in return, and colors that go together makes felting a breeze!

nettingSilja: And we must not forget the materials! I have a great shawl you’ve felted  with gauze fabric, wool and silk! What inspires you when you felt or plan a project which in turn is reflected in the materials you choose to use?

Nina: I can be inspired by anything, – forest, sea, sky, fog, a song – well anything really. Sometimes I feel inspired by images I see online or in books and magazines. But I never make the same as others, I put my own twist on my products based on what comes from myself. I do not plan much, but I always have ideas in my head when I am felting. If I have to make something for a specific person, I go by how the person is. Often the things I make are a little rough, often some rough edges – I do not like perfect, straight edges – it’s not exciting! The mix of materials is exciting, it gives freedom and I get an outlet for my creativity in a delightful way. I am also interested in fairytales, mystery and magic – and my dresses reflects this very well.


Silja: Tell me about the place where you work with your products!

Nina: I work in a barn with lots of space, high ceilings and a good wood smell from the walls. I have shelves, boxes and all of the equipment in a place and not have to clear away between my felting sessions.

Silja: Do you have any other hobbies outside of crafting in general?arbeid

Nina: I make jewelry, I paint, I love nature itself, our animals (dogs and horses) and I love to photograph.

Silja: Have you ever tried spinning yarn yourself?

Nina: I have never tried to spin, but it looks like fun and like to try.

Silja: Looks like we have to bring you over to the dark side then  Nina! I am sure you will love spinning when you decide to give it a go! And I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview!  A little last question before I let you go – what is your favorite season and why?

Nina: My favorite season is autumn – the air is crisp and fresh, it smells wonderful and nature explodes in color. Time for some indoor time with lit candles and handicrafts. Gorgeous season!


Arlene: Thanks so much, Silja, for bringing another wonderful European artist to our attention!! I love Ullhudra’s work.

Dear Readers…before we let you go, I have a couple of odds and ends to report in on.  First our winner of the wonderful Fiber Fusion Taos giveaway from last week is Laura!  I will be in touch to help you get your awesome prize.  And, last but not least, we will be sending out the Secret Stash Game Kits soon and if you are thinking about joining in, go to the page to get to reserve your spot! 

P.S. I will see you back in here in two weeks…am taking a little road trip next weekend…and yes, it’s fiber related and I can’t wait to share with you about it!!  All my fibery best, Arlene


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