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Felting Sunshine

Battle of the Bobbins!!! Kelly Agrue of Felting Sunshine vs. Spin Artiste

August 24, 2014

Hey Everybody!!!  Yup, back this week with one of the most fun types of posts I get to write:  Battle of the Bobbins with one of my favorite people, the sweet and lovely, Kelly Agrue who produces beautiful work through her business Felting Sunshine.   We exchanged packages earlier this summer and now we are […]

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Featured Artist: Kelly Agrue of Felting Sunshine

March 30, 2014
KA-FS Self Spinning

Publishers Note: I first met Kelly Agrue of Felting Sunshine a few years ago at the SWAY Guild’s Art Yarn Festival (coming up in just a few weeks!).  We ended up sitting together and had a great time chatting it up.  Then, the next year, we became accidental roommates which was a lot of fun […]

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