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Fibery Goodness

Caught up in the Coloring Trend…and, other stuff that is going on

January 17, 2016
My drawing as interpreted by Suzy Brown, "Mr. Winkie Buttbutt"

Like a lot of other folks, I’m a little caught up in the coloring craze…what better way to pass the time if you can’t or don’t feel like spinning, knitting or crocheting?  Even better if the picture is something related to fiber!  This past week, over at Fibery Goodness, Suzy  Brown released a coloring book […]

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Stuff that Couldn’t Wait: Girl with a Hook, Dyemama & Fibery Goodness Broadcast Updates

February 13, 2014
Heather Blog post hat pic

It’s snowing…again…a lot…we already have something like 8 inches or so.  But, that’s ok because I have lots of fibery goodness to keep me occupied.  While I’m watching the snow fall, I thought I’d do a mid-week post with some updates for you. For starters, Heather Lightbody, aka Girl with a Hook, wrote a fantastic […]

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