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Year in Pictures, 2011

The Year in Pictures at Spin Artiste, 2011


"Carnival" shawl by Dalis Davidson of Dancing Leaf Farm

Hand spun yarn by Kristine Haddock of Storybook Fibers

"Rose Garden at Dusk" scarf by Ann Pangborn of Wool Bliss

"Blue Nile Maine" by Amy Urato of Bohemia Fibers

"A Skein of Geese" by Wooldancer

Hand spun yarn by Ashley Martineau of Neauveau Fiber Arts





















Hand spun yarn by Ashley Martineau of Neauveau Fiber Arts


Knitting with Ron Hysom's upcycled yarns on his Size 35 hand made needles

Hand spun yarn and hand knit hat by Ron Hysom of 27th Street Fibers

Hand spun yarn by Janice Rosema

"Rusalka's Fairy Coat" by Manuela Brice of Luna Muse Fibers


















Hand spun yarns by Katja Bruells of Arresting Yarn

Hand spun yarn by Melissa Yoder Ricks of Wild Hare Fiber Studio

International Yarn Bombing Day, 2011 - Streetcolor Art's Bart Bus Slipcover

Hand spun yarn by Monica Thompson of Just Ducky Hand Spun Yarns

Naturally dyed yarns at The Mannings Annual Spring Spinning Seminar

"Some days I think yarn bombing is the best thing I've ever done -- because it's limitless. Some days I think I am wasting my time making art for free. But I have to do it." - Streetcolor Art

Herman Hills Knittery Hand Dyed Wensleydale Locks













Locks, hand spun and commercial yarn in hand woven scarf at the Weaving Week at The Mannings

Twill sampler in progress at Weaving Week at The Mannings

"Disco Party" hand spun yarn by Lydia Gessel of Prairie Fire Soapworks and Fiber

Hand woven scarf with hand spun yarn by Steph Gorin of Loop



















Lisa Westra of Feederbrook Farm

Nativity scene needlefelted by Karen Clothier of Inspiration by Karen

Hand woven scarf by Claudia Segal of Weavolution

"Pinkiepie" hand spun yarn by Brooke Burleson

Needle felting by Katja Bruells of Arresting Yarn











Drop spindle spinning by Tom Knisely of The Mannings

"Random Beauty" hand spun yarn by Beth Lower of Blue Mountain Handcrafts

Cotton blossom in Joan Ruane's garden

"Mad for Plaid - School Uniform" on the Aura












"Bumble" hand spun yarn by Shannon Herrick of The Spun Monkey

Hand dyeing by Traci Bray of Silver Wheel Yarn

Lexi Boeger orchestrating the twisting of The Giant Skein

Twisting The Giant Skein

The Giant Skein in Pluckyfluff's Studio


Esther Rodgers of JazzTurtle Creations spinning in Placerville, Ca at Pluckyfluff's Studio

Hand spun, hand crocheted and hand woven shawlette by Melissa Nasby of Soulfibre

First yarn off of "The Cowichan" - Fiber by Feederbrook Farm

Yarn Bombing The Oakland Museum by Streetcolor Art - Hand spun, Hand knit pieces ready for installation











Grandmother Lamp - Sandy Ryan of Homestead Wool and Gift Farm

"Funfetti" Batt by Kate White of Babester Fiber Arts

2011 Readers' Choice Winter Carnival Contest Winner - "Long Winters Nap" by Nicole Constantin, Rose Nectar Fibre Couture

"White Coils" by Mary Egbert, Camaj Handspun Yarn for the 2011 Readers' Choice Winter Carnival Contest