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Welcome to Spin Artiste!

by The SpinArtiste on April 3, 2011

Do you remember the first time you saw “art yarn”…beautifully carded fiber shot with sparkly and chunky elements, then spun into yarn bursting with energy and life?

I do. I had been avidly knitting for a number of years — totally hooked: a pair of socks always on the needles, a class on a new technique always on coming up on the calendar, loving sitting in an airport because of the long knitting sessions involved. No vacation was complete without visiting the local yarns shops and finding something new.

So, one day, while on vacation in Sarasota, Florida, I wandered into Picasso’s Moon Yarn Shop and my life changed. Draped seductively around the front of the shop was some of the most beautiful yarn I had ever seen…and the owner of the shop, Debra, told me that she had made it. I not only wanted that yarn…I wanted to know everything about it and I wanted to be able to make it.

Thus, began my quest which has led me not only to spinning my own yarns, under the name Belladonna Yarns, but also producing this publication, Spin Artiste.

Spin Artiste focuses the art, artists, and all things related to handcrafted artisanal fibers and yarns. I look forward to receiving your feedback, ideas, and, especially photos! Please email me at thespinartiste@gmail.com if you would like to be featured here. While I do not have advertising on the blog yet; I hope to in the near future — if you are interested in advertising, let me know.

All the Best, Arlene

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