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What’s Been Going On?

by The SpinArtiste on March 21, 2017

Oh, my gosh…what is been going on?  Where is Spin Artiste???  It’s been a bit of a ride in the last few months.  Of course, there were the holidays and it’s been busy season at work, and as you will see below, there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes!!!

Now, spring is almost upon us where I live and I’m bursting with all of this stored up creative energy.  So, I’ve been working on writing an online class at Fibery Goodness for my first love, sock knitting.  We are deep into production mode right now.  I have knit many, many pairs of socks and over the years have accumulated all kinds of little tricks and have thought a lot about how to explain sock construction in a way so that any knitter could easily make socks they love.

Socks I knit in preparation for the sock class -- photo credit goes to Debra Lambert

Socks I knit in preparation for the sock class — photo credit goes to Debra Lambert

I did manage to get a large piece finished before the holidays — Stephen West’s Building Blocks Shawl — that was a LOT of knitting!  I don’t have a picture of the whole thing, but here is a snippet (which also features the hand forged pins my husband is now making!)

Pin on shawl

He just started making weaving tools as well (for sale at Fibery Goodness). 



I have decided to start “thinning my herd” of hand made items.  I have too many!!!  There are not enough cold days in the winter to do all of my lovelies justice so I’ve been letting them go…

Original piece made by Janice Rosema

Original piece made by Janice Rosema

I pulled out about twenty pieces (the Janice piece above was included) and sent them off on consignment.  It felt good, but I still can hardly make my way through my closet.  Getting myself down to just what a really enjoy in all areas of my life is a big job.  I am going to spend a lot of time this year on this. 

And, finally, I’m very please to share that I finished up my 200 hour yoga teacher training program recently.  It is a very gratifying and wonderful feeling to have accomplished this!


Pose Profile - ColorSo, that’s what’s been happening…much more to come! 

All my fibery best, Arlene

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